How Good is the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

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Their Browning Patriot Trail Camera is considered to be one of Browning’s top-of-the-range cameras. This is because you can rely on the highest quality footage because of the camera’s unique dual-lens technology. The camera comes with a one-year warranty for their sturdy cameras.

The Browning range of cameras has been manufactured by those who are themselves outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. They want to share their successful hunting stories with others and encourage them to use their technologically advanced Browning trail cameras if they want reliability and excellence.

The Browning Patriot Trail camera can help you capture clear, accurate images of the game on your property. This Browning Patriot is a dual-lens camera that comes with modern infrared illumination technologies. With its 2-inch color screen, it features 24 MP image resolution.

Exceptional Nighttime Footage

(Photo: Browning website)

The camera comes with two built-in camera sensors. The separate quality sensor and lens system are used in low-light conditions for exceptional nighttime footage. For daytime photography, it offers clear, sharp images. The military-grade night vision sensor and lens system make use of invisible infrared light that doesn’t disturb the wildlife.
Some of the Browning trail camera’s amazing features –

  • Dimensions are 5 x 3.8 x 2.5″ or 12.7 x 9.65 x 6.35 cm
  • Quick trigger speeds at 0.15 seconds
  • Quick 0.35-sec picture recovery time – you’re not likely to miss even fast animals
  • The forward-facing viewing screen of 5cm allows you to view your images without the need to remove the memory card.
  • LED technology with night sensor and lens is exceptional
  • 24 MP images
  • 90-foot detection range
  • Full 1080p HD videos – videos are 60fps
  • Adjustable range – adjust it to 10 feet or 60 feet – as you like
  • 90 foot IR Detection Range
  • 110-foot flash range
  • Illuma-Smart Technology that automatically adjusts IR Flash for those superb night photos.
  • The camera comes with an adjustable steel mounting bracket for easy set-up. It is also available as a starter bundle. Included in the bundle are the trail camera, a 32GB SC card, and 8 Lithium AA batteries.

This feature-packed camera has a fairly new feature – a programmable stop- and stop timer. It allows those who want to concentrate more on nighttime filming to avoid unwanted daytime activity with the camera.

As suggested, Browning describes this night vision as military-grade.
The Patriot trail camera has the useful Smart IR Video feature which means that the camera will continue recording video for up to 5 minutes during the day and up to 20 seconds at night. Video length and battery life don’t have to be a concern for you.

The weatherproof Browning Patriot is powered by 8 long-life AA batteries. It can use an SD card of up to 512GB. The Patriot has an SD management option. Once the SD card fills up the oldest recordings are overwritten.

If you ask for the best trail cameras or read a Browning Patriot Trail Camera review, you will find that Browning is a brand that is always listed among the best. After all, their company was founded back in 1878 and you can expect longevity and reliability with the Browning Patriot and others in the range.

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