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Firstly, thanks to Paul Glover-Kapfer for the great image above, which he posted at It shows clearly how a well-placed trail camera can be inconspicuous, making it difficult for trespassers and vandals to spot.

Are you looking to put in a new security system or augment your current home protection setup? There are a number of camouflage security camera for sale that we will take you through. These can protect your family and home, at a reasonable price.

Using a Camouflage Security Game Camera to Catch Intruders

Game cameras for surveillance are available in many programming choices. Most can be purchased with both video and still image capturing capabilities, with most of those enabled for sound.

Several stealthy trail property lookout cameras can shoot images while enveloped in total darkness. They emit no flash that an animal or human intruder can see.

Recording a vandal, burglar or trespasser has never been simpler. But that means using one of the many camouflage security cameras for sale.

The CREATIVE XP Cellular Camouflage Security Camera available at Amazon

With heightened home and property protection awareness, there are increasing numbers of license plate and facial recognition trail cameras. And these that are made to capture both the vehicles lawbreakers use while committing their crimes in your neighborhood.

And in some cases, their faces, should they be in range and look at your home security game camera system.

Importantly, most of the very popular scouting security camera units send still images to your mobile device. However, others transmit photos via email or text. These are known a cellular trail cameras for security.

The affordable Usogood Camouflage Camera, also available at Amazon

Setting up the Camera

1. Problem Identification

So let’s say you suspect you have a trespasser situation. Then the easiest, simplest and most affordable way to remedy the problem is by implementing a camouflage game camera security solution.

Specifically, choose an infrared no flash game cameras, also known as no glow infrared trail cameras for surveillance.

Using a night vision scouting camera equipped with no-glow infrared LEDs, the flash is totally ‘blacked-out’, making it completely invisible.

Significantly, this will leave any unwanted persons prowling around your property fully unaware of your hunting reconnaissance camera’s presence.

Consider setting up the camera with an angle on entrances and exits, overlooking doorways and windows. You can also place it at other vulnerable points of entry that are criminal may use to gain access into your home.

For vandals or thieves in a commercial, urban or residential environment, you may need to mount your camera on a high roof line, telephone pole or somewhere that overlooks the property. However, it must be camouflaged enough for it not to be noticed.

The Wosports Mini Surveillance Camera, an inexpensive starter model available at Amazon

Camouflage Security Camera for Sale

2. Buy the Right Camouflage Security Camera

If you suspect a nefarious lurker in the vicinity of your house, the 2 types of camouflaged game cameras that work best for security surveillance are
Cellular game cameras
No glow trail cameras

Which camouflage security trail camera is best? It depends on how you intend to apply it. For instance, where you can easily  reach the camera to swap out the SD card or batteries, a basic, affordable no glow trail camera will suffice.

For example, the Oudmon Trail Game Camera, the Narrogat Trail Camera and the Wosoda Trail Camera are all fantastic cheap camouflage security cameras currently on sale.

The Delightful Little SESERN Mini Trail Game Camera, also available at Amazon

3. Camouflage Security Camera Setup

You are now ready to setup your camouflage trail camera for surveillance.

Once you have tested the camera, mount it in your preferred setup area, and make sure to turn on the time stamp feature.

People often use security trail camera photos and footage in criminal investigations as evidence. Therefore made the right decision by looking up camouflage security cameras for sale.

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