What trail cam can take photographs of license plates?

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There are specialized trail cameras for recording license plates. The best trail camera for capturing license plates, especially at night is the RECONYX HyperFire 2 trail license plate camera. To photograph license plates place the camera strategically. The no glow feature means that no-one is alerted when the camera is operating.

It detects license plates very quickly, shoots bright photos during the day and clear during the night, while maintaining battery power to up to two years for one set of 12 AA batteries. The images and videos will go directly to your cell phone.

How well does a trail camera take pictures of license plates?

I personally have a security trail camera in my home, but it’s one of the less-expensive types that doesn’t zoom in very well on objects.

If the license plate is close enough to read, then it’s far away enough for this model of security camera so there shouldn’t be an issue zooming in and capturing the information you need.

Is the RECONYX HyperFire 2 a cellular camera?

Yes, the RECONYX HyperFire 2 is a cellular trail camera. You download the app, set up your account and add the camera by scanning the QR code on the camera. Then set up your payment details and choose what service you want (real time, shared data, etc.) so you can monitor activity picked up from your HyperFire 2 on your phone.

What are the features of the RECONYX HyperFire 2?

  • Made in the USA
  • 0.2 second trigger speed
  • 150 foot (45 m) NoGlow Covert Infrared Flash Range
  • 720P HD Video with Audio
  • 1080P Wide Screen or 3MP Standard Image Resolution
  • Supports SD Memory Cards up to 512GB
  • Battery Life of 40,000 Images or 2 Years
  • Operating Temperature Range of -20° to 120° Fahrenheit (-29 to +50 °C)
  • 5 Year Warranty

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