Cell Trail Cameras for Supermarket Security

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Your supermarket’s security could best be served by a cellular trail camera guide.

Game or trail cameras are used most commonly by hunters to monitor wild animal activities. They can also be used for bird or property surveillance. There are several cell trail cameras for supermarket security. I review the best one here.

Camera traps, as they are sometimes known, use detection to take photographs of animals.

What exactly are cellular game/trail cameras?

Cellular wildlife cameras rely on cell networks to send captured images to your email or phone. They work by being connected to a supported cell network.

This means you need to work out with cell network works best in your areas, then purchase the right camera.

Cellular hunting cameras typically come bundled with fee-charging plans from US Cellular, AT&T and Verizon. Irrespective of the network carrier, you will receive the images captured by the camera via a recommended email or app.

These devices allow for the monitoring of hunting zones from miles away.

Cell trail cam benefits

The largest benefit to using cell trail cams is the receiving of captured images on your phone.

Other advantages of cellular game cameras are:

  • Many supported smartphone apps feature added functionality and capabilities
  • You will not need to visit your hunting site on a daily basis
  • Daily, around-the-clock site monitoring

Cell trail cameras for supermarket security

As we have shown above, cell game cameras are great at surveillance, and are cost effective. Their best attribute above all is their adaptability. They can be turned from outdoor game hunting and monitoring duties to indoor supermarket security purposes.

With the flexibility of working both outdoors and indoors, ability to sense movement, be it animal or human, take bright and clear photos, and send those photos to your phone, they make the perfect supermarket security solution.

Having said all that, which are the best cell trail cameras for supermarket security?

The best cellular game camera for supermarket surveillance is easily and discretely mounted, takes high-quality photo and video quality, and features a quick trigger then recovery time.

It can also sense targets at a distance, transmit real-time videos/photos to your hand-held device and offers sufficient storage/memory space.

Lastly, it is weather-proof, durable and is affordable.

Creative XP LTE 4G

This is the most complete supermarket security cellular trail camera option, perfect for any supermarket owner.
With the Creative XP LTE 4G night-vision option, you get full HD output at a range of up to 65 feet. This output includes 12 MP photos, day or night as well as ten ADP videos.
Every trigger produces between one and five shots, combined with its quick trigger speed of 0.35 seconds and 110 degree wide angle PIR lens.
The cellular part of this trail camera allows for the sending of videos and photos instantly that are captured on any USA cellphone by email.
The included SIM card comes with five-hundred free images and a thirty-two GB SD card is bundled as well.
As far as durability is concerned, this cell trail camera for supermarket security is both sow-proofed and water-proofed. Its 56 IR LEDs are essentially undetectable to intruders.
This device runs on twelve AA batteries, but more importantly, power can be augmented by a solar panel for longer lasting energy.
While using this supermarket security trail camera is easy, its activation is simple as well. one the SIM card has been inserted into the camera, purchase the data plan of your choice.

  • Excellent optics that lead to high-quality output
  • Instant notifications; Alexa-supported
  • Bundled with data plans
  • Motion detection can be hyper-sensitive
  • Limited data plans
  • Cheaper alternatives

Check the price of the Creative XP LTE 4G Cell Cam at Amazon

For information about trail cams for home security read here

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