What’s a Good, Cheap Trail Camera for Home Security?

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The Bushnell Trophy Essential 3 is a cheap trail camera for home security. Simply insert batteries and an SD card, attach the camera to a tree or post with the strap, then activate the camera. The trail cam then records photos and video whenever movement triggers the sensor.

More About this Affordable Trail Camera for Home Security

The Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera Essential E3 for use in home and property security is both reasonably featured and inexpensive.

The Bushnell cheap trail camera for home security snaps three pictures once motion is detected, has an adjustable interval of one second to sixty minutes between photos and five seconds to one minute between HD video recordings, which is good for a security camera.

Its eight traditional AA batteries can last a year and it can sense motion 100 feet in the distance. Its adjustable operation times include night or day only or around the clock, has IR flash and a 16MP resolution sensor.

  • Can operate in harsh weather conditions
  • Detection range of up to 100 feet
  • Images not geo-tagged
  • Lack of wireless capability

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Features of the Bushnell Trail Camera

  • The Bushnell Trophy Essential 3 accepts up to a 32GB SD card. No card comes with the camera, so remember to order one (or two for backup).
  • The camera uses 8 AA batteries, which you must also buy separately.
  • The trigger speed (i.e. the response speed) of this camera is really quick at 0.3 seconds
  • The image resolution is an adequate 16MP maximum
  • Text LCD display
  • The camera has a 100 foot detection and illumination range
  • The flash is linked to a low glow LED night vision flash
  • The Hyper Image Recovery function comes in at 1.0 seconds , which adds up to more photos of triggered events. And more images mean more information from your trail camera
  • Dynamic video: 720p video records for up to 30 seconds and stops immediately after the moving object leaves the frame
  • Up to 1 year of battery life at an average of 35 daytime images and 35 nighttime images per day
  • The data stamp includes moon phase, time, date, temperature and GPS coordinates on each image

Order the Bushnell Trophy Essential 3 Trail Camera at Amazon Now!

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