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Of all the features found in a trail camera, some hunters pointed out to two that they found the most important: video and no glow illumination. The Exodus Render trail camera features both of these.

The reason they gave for this is they felt they learnt a great deal more about wildlife behavior from watching footage than from reviewing photographs. The setting favored by most was taking a photo ahead of recording video, if the trail camera has a ‘Photo plus Video’ or ‘Hybrid’ mode.

Unfortunately, many game cameras lack the capability to transmit or capture video. Of the ones that can send video to you, the data plans that do the transmitting are typically very limited.

There is usually a cap on the number of videos that can be transmitted over their network every month. This is the reason for the excitement in the hunting community for the Exodus Render 4G LTE Cellular Game Camera.

Exodus Render 4G Trail Camera

All about the Exodus Render Trail Camera

Designed by Exodus Outdoor Gear, the Exodus Render 4G LTE is a cellular deer hunting camera that is able to record video, and transmit it as well.

The data plans available for this model are highly flexible that can managed according to your needs, but most importantly, allows unlimited video transmission every month.

An Introduction

With this revolutionary cellular game camera, you do not have to go and interrupt nature by fetching your SD card to review its contents.

Not only does it carry out the capturing of photos and videos, it accomplishes the transmitting of them to you too.

Additionally, it takes exquisite videos and pictures, contains effective features and comes with a substantial warranty.

  • Incredible warranty
  • Both records and transmits video
  • A range of inexpensive data plans
  • Configurable motion sensor
  • Quick trigger speed
  • Configurable no glow illumination
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Expensive in comparison to other cellular wildlife cameras
  • Works exclusively with Verizon. (There are other cellular game cameras that work with AT&T too,which you might like if that is  the stronger network in your area)

Benefits and Features Review

  1. Camera
    While connected to the cell network, the Exodus Render 4G LTE Deer Scouting Camera snaps images using its 12 MP sensor and captures video at 640×360 @ 30fps. When not connected to the cell network, it can capture video at 1920×1080 @ 30fps or 1280×720 @ 30fps.
    Like other cellular wildlife monitoring cameras, it sends compressed images. At your request, you can have higher resolution forms of the images sent to you.
    There are 4 camera modes, Hybrid, Time-Lapse, Video and Photo. Hybrid describes taking a photograph followed by recording a video, which helps in diversification.
    The feature Dynamic Video Recording works by recording video as long as motion is being sensed. When movement stops being sensed over a five-second period, video recording will stop, even if it was set to record for longer.
    This saves both resources on the data plan as you are not charged for videos that are not being transmitted as well as saving SD card storage space with unneeded videos.
  2. Motion Sensor
    This model’s single motion detector senses movement up to 70 feet, using one of 3 sensitivity settings: low, medium and high. Most situations will probably require the high setting, but if you are getting a multiple false triggers, you can pick low or medium.
  3. Phone App
    Once you buy your new Exodus Render 4G LTE here, download then install Scoutek, the free phone app, available both for Android and iOS phones. Standout feature is the Advanced Photo Grouping and Filtering that not only facilitates notification receiving in real-time, but the choice of sharing with family and friends.
    Please visit the Scoutek website for more details.
  4. Data Plans
    Similar to other cellular deer hunting cameras, a data plan will be required to remotely receive videos and photos on your phone. You can choose from a range of ten data plans, payable on a monthly basis. The lack of yearly plans is for flexibility, for those that only use their 4G LTE tail cameras during hunting season.
    Typical cellular trail camera related data plans charge to send you a predetermined volume of pictures every month. The Exodus Render 4G LTE data plans charges you for a particular amount of data, which you can decide to send more compressed images or fewer high resolution photographs.
    What sets these data plans apart is two-fold: your data plan can be shared by multiple cellular game tracking cameras and they are relatively inexpensive.
    Through the Scoutek App, you can switch from one data plan to another, if you think you require additional data.
  5. Trigger Speed
    With its 0.3-second trigger speed, this camera will ensure you never miss a shot.
Exodus Render

More Benefits and Features

  1. Flash
    This cellular hunting camera combines a no glow lighting with a range measuring up to 65 feet. The adjustability includes low, medium and high, calibrating the intensity and distance of the illumination.
    For most scenarios, high is the ideal setting but if the images produced look washed-out, lower the flash setting to medium or low.
  2. LCD Screen
    This device features a color LCD viewing screen, measuring two inches. Adjusting the settings at the mounting site should prove a breeze, although video and photo review might prove slightly difficult, due to its smaller size.
  3. Time-Lapse
    This feature is increasingly being found in more and more game cameras nowadays. The difference with the Exodus Render 4G LTE cellular wildlife camera time-lapse mode is it can still capture images outside of the time-lapse settings that you input, as long as the motion sensor is left activated. This means, as long as it is tripped, a photo or video will result.
  4. Active Hours Timer
    This allows for time specification for engagement. This aids in conserving battery use and memory space.
  5. Memory Card
    64GB is the maximum amount of memory that this device supports. Our suggestion is the SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC memory card.
  6. Password Protection
    Another in the extensive feature list of the Exodus Render Cellular 4K LTE trail scouting camera is password protection. A five digit password of your creation will stop unauthorized access.
  7. Batteries
    This cellular game camera uses eight AA batteries, and our suggestion is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.
    Your preferred settings will determine battery life to a large extent, especially the transmitting of footage, motion sensor triggering, amongst other operations.
  8. External Power Input
    A port is built-in that supports a 12V 1A DC external power supply. This would be beneficial if you have hung your cameras far from home, or you would like a high frequency of photos sent back to you.
  9. Signal Strength
    Verizon is the carrier this trail camera uses, meaning you are limited in the areas it can operate. Optimal reception is aided by an additional antenna.
  10. Image Stamp
    This feature is full of information that you may need on every video or photo captured, helping in footage organization. Among the details recorded are camera name (if multiple), moon phase, temperature, date and time.


Throughout our thorough Exodus Render 4G LTE cellular game camera review, we have highlighted what makes this one of the most popular cellular wildlife cameras, one that provides a ‘total package’.

This no glow cellular scouting camera offers an extensive feature list, most of which can be tailored, can send both videos and photos to your phone and is well-proven to give the best results.

If you are considering a versatile cellular monitoring camera, the Exodus Render 4G LTE might be the device for you.

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