Reconys Camera for Home Security

What is the Best Game Camera for Home Security?

A trail camera can also do double duty by being used as a game camera for home security.

Game cameras are typically mounted discreetly to a tree and when an animal roams into the area, the motion sensors of the camera direct it to take photos of the animal in view.

The features that the cameras have made it a truly affordable home security camera. The game cameras are designed for outdoor use.

Trail cameras mostly take still photos and videos. If you are particularly looking at a camera that will target trespassers, it is advised to use a no-flash infrared trail camera. The LEDs in the infrared flash are totally invisible so that trespassers are unaware of the location of the camera.

When you choose the best game camera for home security, there are some things you want to particularly take note of –

We look at a no glow camera and cellular trail camera.

A typical example of a no-glow trail camera for security is the Reconyx Trail camera.

  • These are excellent game cameras and are looked upon as the ‘Gold Standard’ in the industry.
  • They send pictures to your phone or email which is excellent for when they double as a home security phone.
  • They are made in the U.S.A.
  • They come with a 2-year warranty.
  • The Reconyx XR6 is a no glow infrared game camera that takes videos and stills.


The Reconyx SM750 specializes in capturing the licence plates of vehicles at night that shouldn’t be around your property.



The Reconyx SC950 is your human surveillance camera with a detection range of 60 feet.

The SC950 is covert, meaning human beings can’t detect the glow from the infrared LEDs. Picture quality is excellent with day pics being in color.The camera takes 12 AA Lithium batteries. The SC950 has one of the fastest detection circuits and it can be programmed to come on and off at certain times.

If you have a trespassing issue and you want to safeguard your property, trail cameras for security such as the Ridgetec Lookout is an ideal solution.

  • It offers quality pictures and comes with long battery life.
  • It is compact with a camo design.
  • Is superb for 12 MP pictures and HD 1080p video with audio.
  • The camera is fast, runs on lithium batteries.
  • You can run it on whichever network gets the best reception.
  • Comes with a modem that supports Verizon and AT&T sim card.
  • It takes 12 AA lithium batteries
  • Offers invisible Black IR flash technology.
  • Features a 0.2-second rapid trigger speed for capturing fast-moving animals or humans.

True, the primary design for these cameras is for hunting and viewing animals, but they are the best trail cameras for home security If you have a small property, a single trail camera will suffice, but for large properties, you’ll need more cameras.