How to Conceal the Red Light on a Trail Camera

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The questions may not be how to conceal the red light on a trail camera so much as whether it is advisable to do so.

Many trail camera models have lights conducted by light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. These are low glow or red glow cameras. Other trail cameras, called no-glow cameras, are without visible flashes and are known as blackout cameras.

The red light helps the camera to “see” in the dark. (See the example on a Vikeri E2 trail camera in the image above.)

Red lights on a game camera are key to brighter night photos. With the red light unobstructed, images captured are of better quality. If you plan to cover the red light, you should test the video and image quality while concealed and judge the results.

Can You Block a Trail Camera’s Red Light from Being Seen?

You can block a trail camera’s red light from sight but it will affect the quality of your photos, by darkening them.

Those who employ trail cameras as part of their home security setup often do this, to minimize detection. Animal tracking hunters also tend to do this, so as to not scare off their prey.

How to Conceal the Red Light on a Trail Camera

What is the Red Light Found On A Trail Camera?

The red light on a trail camera indicates that night vision is a feature included on it. This infrared sensor that is activated by motion at night is found underneath the LEDs. The infrared emitters produce a red light when an image is captured at night.

While faint, the red light is visible in close proximity when looking at the camera directly. Picture quality is the main benefactor of this red light. Without it, nighttime videos and photos would be dark and unclear.

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Should You Cover the LED Lights of a Game Camera?

While you can cover your trail camera’s red light with masking tape or gum, it would be highly inadvisable as any images captured at night would be very dark. Some trail camera units contain settings that allow for the turning off the red light.

Can You Keep The Red Light on a Game Camera Hidden?

Hunters and homeowners may want to keep their trail camera’s red light hidden. This is to keep it from being seen by prey or intruders.
How to conceal the red light on a trail  camera? Some ways the red light can be hidden are:

  • Via the trail camera’s settings – Depends on make and model
  • Cover the red light manually by sticking black tape over it (I don’t advise this)
  • Use trail camera placement as a way of hiding your trail camera from easy view. Using tall trees or bushy areas will conceal the cameras presence.

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