What to Look for in a Night Vision Garden Camera

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You work hard in your garden so that it represents the wonderful diversity of nature in your area. Covid-19 and lockdown have taught people to appreciate the chance to be outdoors.

They’re snapping up night vision garden cameras to see what nocturnal visitors come foraging in their gardens at night.

When you do research on the best garden cameras with night vision capabilities, you get some good ideas for what to get for your garden.

You find cameras such as the 16MP Trail Camera from Vikeri, the inexpensive Usogood 16MP Wildlife Camera, and others.

My Pick of an Effective Night Vision Garden Camera

I like the waterproof night vision Crenova Trail Camera. Great for your garden, you won’t find any flash of light with this camera to frighten off any nocturnal creatures.

This camera is ideal for nature lovers who want to spy on all those garden critters that come out after dark.

The Crenova Trail Camera is pretty small, lightweight, and compact. You can choose to mount it on a post or strap it to a tree. There is a green strap that comes with the camera as well as a wall mount.

The camera’s tough plastic casing with grey/brown type camo leaf print blends in perfectly with bark, autumn leaves and sand.

Because of its IP54 waterproofing, you can expect it to stand up to rough weather conditions day after day. It can handle just about any environment you choose to use it in.

  • Expect nothing but the clearest photo and video quality with this excellent night vision camera.
  • It offers good resolution when taking both videos and photos. With its 0.6 second trigger response time, the 12 MP camera comes with video quality of 1080P.
  • The camera can detect movement as far away as 65 feet and shoots pics in a 120° wide arc.
  • If there isn’t any movement, the garden camera will turn to stand-by to save batteries. For nighttime photography, it comes with 42 low glow infrared LED’s with the light being barely visible so no nighttime creatures are going to be frightened by it.
Night Vision Garden Camera

More Great Features of the Crenova

  • During the day, you get color photos, videos, or both.
  • After dark, images are infra-red and you get that grey-white look.
  • The camera also records sound.
  • You’ll find the setting of the camera is fairly easy. When you open the camera you have access to the display screen and buttons.
  • You will also see the memory card slot. You’ll be able to alter the intervals between recordings and also select the quality of vids and photos that you want.
  • Images come imprinted with date, time, moon phase, and temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Requires 8 AA lithium batteries.
  • With its LCD display, you can preview videos and photos.
  • The Crenova garden camera comes with its own SD card. It’s a 16 MB SD card.
  • This game camera comes with a USB cable and an AV, enabling you to plug it into your smartphone or into your TV.

Monitor what happens in your garden at night

If your garden has been giving away secrets in the morning of activities going on in the night, its’ time to get a trail camera.

With a compact, unobtrusive garden camera for night vision, you’ll be surprised at who the lead suspect is in knocking over pots and what all else goes on when you’re fast asleep.

Check today’s price of the CrenovaTrail Camera G42 at Amazon

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