Best No Glow Trail Cameras for Security

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If you are a homeowner that has been researching dependable and cost-effective home security camera options, it is likely you have come across no-glow trail camera for security suggestions.

I thought I’d make this handy buying guide and review of the best no glow game camera for security picks, to make your research that much more informed.

* Read this article about what a no glow camera is.

My Pick of the Best No Glow Cameras for Home Security

1. Best Overall No Glow Trail Camera for Security – Stealth Cam 45 No-Glow Infrared Trail Camera

Equally a great performer during the day as at night, the Stealth Cam 45 No Glow security trail camera allows for home surveillance for extended periods, due to its outstanding battery life.

In addition, it can cover a range of 100 feet, recording video with audio.

Structurally, it is hardy and can withstand inclement weather like rain and high winds, depending on where it is mounted.

It features customizable programming, allowing you to snap photos at different times. This camera’s sensor shoots at 14MP. With 4 separate resolution settings.

In summation, we have determined that the best no glow trail camera for security is the Stealth Cam 45.

  • Durable
  • Extended battery life
  • No glow night vision technology
  • Recording distance of up to 100 feet
  • Triggering system can be slow to detect movement

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2. Best Value No Glow Trail Camera for Security – Meidase SL 122 Trail Camera

When considered as a top game security camera option, the Meidase SL 122 no glow home protection trail camera is an excellent value choice.

It is an excellent nighttime shooter, is weather proof, can hold a charge for up to six months, is password enabled and shoots photos in 16MP!

Photos can be taken on a timed sequence set by you, as well as featuring an option for time-lapse, whereby footage can be reviewed easier later on.

Photographic and footage detail can be picked depending on a graduating scale of 3 sensitivity levels.

When considering value for money, the Meidase SL 122 model of home protection trail camera is the best.

  • Extended battery life
  • Password protected
  • Tracking distance of 65 feet
  • Water resistance feature can fail

Check today’s price of the Meidase SL 122 trail cam at Amazon

3. Best Premium No Glow Camera for Property Protection – Stealth Cam G42NG Home Security Trail Camera

This Stealth Cam model lacks the feature set of the two trail cameras for security options above, but more than makes up for it through its silent operation.

Its user interface is friendly, it shoots 10MP photos and records 1080P video.

Its standout capability especially for home security is it emits absolutely no flash and produces absolutely no sounds, making it an ideal game camera for surveillance.

Additionally, it offers a photo burst mode that shoots up to 9 photos in one go, a video recording ability to capture HD video with sound for 180 seconds at a time.

  • No sound from the camera as it either takes photos or records video
  • Reflex time of 0.5 seconds between shots
  • HD video can be recorded in clips of 180 seconds, with audio
  • Not compatible with micro SD cards
  • Must fit highest quality batteries and SD card

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