Top 10 Trail Cameras with WiFi

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Any of the Top 10 trail cameras with WiFi allow you to watch a live video feed of animals on your cell phone – a major advantage. The app gives you the power to configure and control the camera’s functionality on your phone over WiFi.

You can adjust various settings, video length, set what times to record, playback videos or view images. In addition, battery status as well as switching the camera off and on can all be done whenever you wish to, from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Trail Cameras with WiFi

1. GardePro E6 WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera

My personal pick of the very best of the top 10 trail cameras with Wifi.

  • Inventive Wi-Fi Connectivity – Low power Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology allied to a free and intuitive GardePro mobile app. As long as you remain within Wi-Fi range, you will not need a remote control, either will you pay any monthly charges.
  • Reliable Signal – Attached antenna results in a more assured Wi-Fi signal, reducing chances significantly of Wi-Fi disconnecting. Also assures high-speed data transfer between camera and phone.
  • 1296P Video and 24MP photos – this Wi-Fi trail camera allows for photo and video preview before downloading
  • No-Glow Night Vision – Makes camera stealthier to up to 75 feet. Avoids photos being over-dimmed or over-exposed.
  • More Features – Three video and photo capture modes. These include both photo and video, video and photo. Others include time lapse, sound recording and loop recording. (Also look at the GardePro E8 trail camera.)

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2. Hawkray WiFi Bluetooth Game Camera

  • Mobile App and Wi-Fi Connectivity – This trail camera’s Wi-Fi function allows for camera control when placed in hard to access areas. Videos and photos can be previewed on your phone, at any time
    48MP sensor and 4K Native Video – This Hawkray Wi-Fi Bluetooth trail camera shoots 48MP pictures and 4K native video. It delivers exciting and high-quality visual detail
    Stealth Night Shooting – Featuring 40 infrared LEDs, this device shoots clear night videos and photos. 120-degree detection range allows for wide-angle shots. This camera remains unseen while recording, without spooking subjects.
    IP66 Waterproof – Thanks to its rugged casing, this wifi camera trap performs exceptionally in unforgiving conditions such as rainforests, grasslands and deserts.

This Wi-Fi Bluetooth deer tracking camera is ideal for game scouting, gift hunting, property surveillance, and home security.

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3. Wosports WiFi Game Camera

  • App Control and Wi-Fi Connectivity – The Wosports Wi-Fi trail camera can transmit photos directly to your mobile phone, for live video and photo reviewing. Its settings are easily configurable on your smartphone.
    1440P Video and 30MP Still Images – Colored day images and black and white night photos are all shot in 30MP. 1440P video is recorded with audio. 2-inch LCD screen and 120-degree detection angle are only some of this device’s up to date features.
    • Its 0.3 second trigger speed is perfect for catching intruders in the act or catching that buck taking a sip of water.
    Camera operation is made very easy with options to set image modes

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4. Dsoon WiFi Game Camera

  • Easy set up and storage via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity – Use app when you need to download or view videos or photos or change settings.
  • True Native 4K Video with Sound and 32MP Images – Ultimate quality for your wildlife videography and photography
  • 65 ft. Detection Distance, 120 degree Angle Lens, 0.2 Second Trigger – Game camera can be set to shoot in bursts, allowing for a series of shots in quick succession
  • One Year Battery Life, IP66 Waterproof and 512GB SD Card Support – Continual dependability in any weather conditions

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5. TopVision WiFi Wildlife Camera

  • App Control and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Connectivity – Mobile app allows for real time video and photo replay
  • 24MP images and 4K Video – Track reclusive nocturnal animals such as badgers and owls using this device’s night vision.
  •  0.2 Second Trigger Speed – Paired with burst photo function to take three back to back photos
  •  IP66 Waterproof and 120-degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Multiple Functions – This game camera displays password settings, real-time replay, interval shooting and temp/time/date

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Top 10 Trail Cameras with WiFi

6. Ezetai WiFi Wildlife Camera

  • Control the Camera through an App and Wi-Fi Hotspot – This Wi-Fi game camera has an app control feature and in-built Wi-Fi hotspot. This makes downloading and viewing photos and videos a better experience.
    • 1296P Video and 24MP Images
    • 0.3-second trigger speed and a triggering distance of 65 feet
    • Dust, Rust and Waterproof
    Password Lock, Easy Installation and Concealed – The Ezetai Wi-Fi trail camera is easily concealable, easy to operate and install.

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7. Ecovox WiFi Wildlife Camera

  • 30MP Photos and 4K Video – Recommended SD Card maximum capacity is 256GB
  • App Control and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Connectivity – Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module. Works with free app. Remotely delete/download videos/photos.
  • Auto-Monitoring, Easy Operation – Uses eight AA batteries

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8. Usogood WiFi Wildlife Camera

  • High Def 4K Sensor – Photo files are saved in JPG/AVI, making them easier to save and read. 24MP photos and 4K video with sound. No-glow night illumination that does not scare wildlife away or over-expose the photos
  • ‘Hunting Camera’ App – Once connected, easily set camera parameters as well as save videos and images. 2-inch LCD screen for easy photo viewing, 0.2-second trigger speed for catching everything that triggers it.

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9. Meidase P90 Wi-Fi Game Camera

  • Easy to Understand App Control – this Meidase Wi-Fi game camera works hand in hand with a free dedicated app. The app and camera communicate via Bluetooth, then connect to the camera by Wi-Fi.
  • High-Quality Video and Photos – 1296P videos and 32MP photos ensure enhanced clarity. Other features include blur reduction function and smart IR night vision.
  • External Antenna – Signal is made more reliable by external antenna. Also reduces wireless communication disruption.
  • Sturdy Housing Design – Waterproof, as well as snow and rain resistant.
  • Outstanding Performance – 512GB max capacity SD card, 120-degree wide angle lens and 0.2-second trigger time. 0.5-second recovery time, 75-ft trigger distance and flash range.

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10. Rexing Woodlens H2 – 4K Wi-Fi Wildlife Camera

  • 4K Resolution – The Rexing Woodlens Wi-Fi trail camera trap can capture 1080P, 2.7K and 4K video, night or day with audio. 20MP photo quality.
  • Wifi Connectivity – Once app is downloaded, view recordings instantly! Achieve this by using wifi function, 2.4-inch LCD display and speaker output. Maximum SD card capacity is 512GB.
  • Reduced Power Usage – Standby can last up to one year. Easily connectable to a solar source.
  • Trigger speed is 0.2 seconds while detection angle is 105 degrees. Nighttime shooting up to 65 feet away.
  • Reliable Design – Dust and rust resistant. Camera can be protected by a password.

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