What is the Best Trail Camera for Backyard Use?

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There are a host of reasons to buy a trail camera for backyard use. One is property damage brought upon by either animals or people. Other than staying up all night, how is a property owner to combat this menace? Most homeowners have decided to buy backyard trail cams as a home security solution.

Mounted discreetly in your backyard, backyard game cameras will capture videos and images at set intervals as soon as motion is detected. Trail cameras have also being used to document rare creatures, as well as keep track of critters that inhabit the environs outside your home that come into your backyard in search of food, water or shelter. Trail cameras can even track mice and other rodents.

In this trail camera for backyard use guide, we will investigate affordable, value-based and high-end backyard game cams. In addition, valuable information will be shared with you that will help you reach informed conclusions on the best wildlife cams for use in your backyard.

Our Picks: The Overall Best Camera for Backyard Use

1. KUFA Game Trail Camera

The best trail camera for backyard use is the Kufa game trail camera. These wildlife backyard cameras have motion sensors that are triggered the moment movement is detected from many feet away. Wildlife watching is just but one of the purposes of a trail camera setup in the backyard, as they can also be deployed by hunters when hunting various game, property surveillance and home security.

If you would like to find what animal is emptying the bird feeders on a nightly basis or you would like to see what the fox who frequents your yard is up to, you will need a great backyard trail camera. They are easily set up, offer a host of settings and crisp clear videos and photos night and day. The Kufa meets all these criteria.

Game cameras for backyard use are ideal for watching wildlife that come to your backyard including stray cats and dogs, coyotes, foxes, moles, various birds, deer, opossums, skunks, amongst others.

Videos stored in Full HD 1080P resolution give detailed and high-quality footage as well as photos. This model’s manufacturer recommends the use of eight rechargeable AA batteries, with rechargeable lithium batteries receiving particular praise on Amazon comments.

Overall, this excellent game camera for backyard use is very good for backyard wildlife watching as its offers very useful features, is reviewed excellently and has the right price.


  • Weatherproof
  • 120-degree wide angle lens
  • Night vision including three infrared sensors
  • Trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • 65 feet of trigger distance
  • 32GB SD card support
  • Video resolution of 1080P
  • 20MP photos

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2. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP

This trail camera for your yard produces realistic audio and video recording in 720P as well as images in 20MP. Its passive and sensitive motion sensor reacts to movements, however slight. The images it captures are consistent in their quality due to its PIR sensor capability. When in range, it also detects temperature for effective monitoring of your yard.

Movement can also be detected from 80 feet away or less and it only takes 0.7 seconds to trigger. Its flash is made up of 32 LEDs, allowing this wildlife camera for backyard use to work effectively in pitch-black darkness within its area of detection. Its nighttime photos are quite vivid due to them.

The applications in which this wildlife camera is suitable are numerous, including wildlife monitoring, home and garden surveillance and game scouting. Available equipment includes an automatic night and day sensor that allows for 24-hour photography and video recording.

Enjoy images captured at certain intervals from its time-lapse feature, which scans your backyard at pre-determined times for activity. This is particularly useful at dusk and dawn, two particularly busy animal movement times.

Every image produced by this game camera that can be mounted around your backyard is stamped automatically with geotagging, time, date, temperature and moon phase. The geotag tag can be used to input longitude and latitude of its placement.

This camera is powered by eight AA batteries. 32GB SD card sold separately.


  • Backyard scanning Time-lapse setting
  • Automatic day and night sensor
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick trigger speed
  • PIR motion detection

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3. Vikeri E2 Trail Camera
If you are looking for a wildlife camera for backyard use that is affordable and offers a flash that does not glow, the Vikeri E2 is the backyard game camera for you.
This camera is offered with many customizable high-end features, and is very simple to use.

  • Included in the box: four AA batteries and an SD card!
  • Affordable price
  • Wide angel of detection
  • Camera features a wide-angle lens
  • Quick triggering speeds
  • Videos and photos offer great resolution
  • Easy to install and use
  • No-glow flash

This full-featured backyard trail camera inspires confidence, as well as being value-packed. Very few trail cameras can be purchased with INCLUDED batteries and SD cards out-of-the-box, making this one of the best trail cameras for backyard use for the money.

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