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Trail cameras come with different features and different configurations. Most trail cameras, however, come with the ability to take images and videos. A trail camera with video is ideal.

Most also come with audio for the video. It’s surprising how many people buy a trail camera with video but they don’t understand what video resolution is and what an impact it has on the clarity of the video.

Most times video resolution is displayed as 1080p. People automatically assume that the ‘p’ part is referring to pixels, when in fact it stands for progressive and is referring to the way an image is displayed on a screen.

But then there are trail cameras available with 4K resolution.

My first 4K digital trail camera pics comes with super High Definition video with 30-megapixel high-resolution still images.

It’s the Stealth Cam 4K (pictured here). Its dual image sensors give you exceptional Ultra High Definition video with super clear audio.

You just have to remember that while most trail cameras have excellent video capabilities, the video uses a lot of battery compared to still images. This is particularly so at night when powering LEDs.

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Check out recording speed of your trail camera with video

An important aspect to look at when buying a trail camera with video is the recording speed. You’ll see it being referred to as frames per second or FPS. If a camera films at 15 FPS then it means15 individual pictures per second.

I personally look for at least 30 frames per second when choosing a trail camera that is being bought specifically with video in mind.

When buying a game camera with video, the length of the video is an important part of setting up the video. It can be 2 seconds to 10 minutes.

With the audio recording function, you can record sound while recording video.

The delay options of a camera are also important as its determining how long the camera will become dormant after video recording has stopped. This is usually one second or less.

Trail Camera with Video

Trail camera video features

  • Duration – Most video-recording trail cameras let you select the length of the video.
  • Time-Lapse Video Mode – you can choose the time between video recordings and the length of the video. In other words, most trail cams make use of infrared motion detection and time-lapse. They shoot both still images and video whenever motion triggers the sensors.
  • Hybrid Mode – the camera takes photos and video.

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Video tells you more about wildlife behavior

Apart from capturing still images, there are many trail cameras today that record video to give you a better idea of the wildlife’s behavior. The higher the resolution, the clearer the video is.

TIP: When choosing a camera, look at how you are going to use it. If you want it for outdoor monitoring or surveillance, you should look for a trail camera that can capture videos in different weather conditions and with sound. (Photo: Exodus Outdoor Gear)

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