Use the Exodus Trek Trail Camera for Invisible Surveillance

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Afraid of revealing your surveillance while hunting? No worries! Finally, with the Exodus Trek trail camera, you can leave no trace. This camera is strongly built, easy to use  take photos or video undetected by wild animals. They’ll  never know what hit ’em!

Zoom in to the Exodus Trek Trail Cam

With a built-in infrared night vision for use in the darkest of hunting conditions, this camera is perfect for wildlife observation, surveillance, and capturing those group or solo hunting moments.

The trail camera boasts a detection range of 20 yards and features six preset time frames (daylight hours only) with 12MP photos to capture sharp shots at 4 megapixels.

Waterproof up to 5 feet deep and flash memory storage that can hold 400 images per charge make it easy to get these breathtaking photos every day you’re out there with your new trail cam.

Exodus Trek Features Roundup

The Exodus Trek trail camera is the most advanced, affordable and functional camera in its class. It has a 4x digital zoom with video recording capability. The patrol mode ensures incessant outdoor surveillance with maximum battery life. The Exodus Trek trail camera takes up to 32 GB of memory for extended usage time.

In my view, this is a hardy, dependable trail cam that’s small and quiet enough to be inconspicuous. I recommend it to hunters and those wanting to survey their gardens or larger properties.

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