What are the Best Bigfoot Trail Cameras?

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The camouflaged 4G  Bigfoot LTE hunting camera is one of the Best Bigfoot Trail Cameras as it’s easy to set up. In fact,  you can have the camera set up within 15 minutes.

Scout, game or trail cameras make wildlife watching for whatever reason, that much more fun. They let you know precisely what the wildlife is getting up to in the hunting grounds when you’re not around.

Bigfoot cameras come with a SimHero data card that is preinstalled. The Bigfoot 4G LTE camera automatically connects to the AT&T cellular network and no other network.

Once you register your sim card with SimHero, you choose from different data plans.

Bigfoot is ideal for scouting and surveillance

Trail cameras from Bigfoot have an easy setup. People also appreciate that they are an affordable, reliable cellular game camera brand. Customer reviews reveal that the camera works well for hunting, scouting, or surveillance.

The Bigfoot 4G camera supports iOS and Android devices. It can be set to take pictures of 5, 8, and 12MP resolution and also record 1080P videos.

The 3G camera is known for its crystal clear videos and its day and night photos. Rest assured that you won’t get frustrated by blurry images. Its trigger speed is 0.4s and its recovery time is about 52 seconds.

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More Bigfoot features

No animals will be spooked with this camera that features 56pcs IR LEDs of 940nm with dark blue/invisible flash. Night vision on the camera has a detection circuit of 65 feet.

The camera is also IP66 waterproof. Taking 12 AA lithium batteries it comes with a USB cable, one 4G antenna, one 16 GB micro SD card, and a preloaded SimHero data card.

Bigfoot in the Cloud

What are the best Bigfoot camerasInstead of receiving pictures via text or email, it will send images to the remote Bigfoot ACE server accessed by means of the app installed on your smartphone.

All functions can be remotely controlled with the app. The mini cloud camera includes a preinstalled Vodafone Sims card. It requires a Basic monthly data plan subscription.

The 4G Mini-Cloud camera also comes with an SD card of 16gb which is installed. You also get a mounting strap, USB cable, a user manual to refer to as well an external solar port. The camera will require 12 AA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable.

General Features of the Best Bigfoot Trail Cameras

  • The 4G Bigfoot Mini-Cloud camera measures 4.75 x 3.5 x 2.75″.
  • Image sensor: 5 Mega Pixels,
  • Day time color picture options: 5mp/8mp/12mp
  • Trigger speed: 0.35-0.4s, 
  • Night vision 65 feet / 20 meters
  • Regular lens F=3.0
  • FOV:52
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Operating Temperature -17 to 140 Fahrenheit 
  • Daily report function
  • IR LEDs 940nm: dark blue / invisible flash
  • Remote Access: Use the free Bigfoot Camera App to change setting in the camera at anytime, or request a picture anytime.

Trust the best Bigfoot trail cameras

All in all, customer reviews on the Bigfoot trail cameras are good, Most people enjoy doing business with Bigfoot. They agree that their cameras are great products that are easy to set up.

For any hunter, trail cameras are an indispensable tool. They are quietly surveying your property and keeping track of wildlife activity when you’re not there.

You want a reliable camera that doesn’t keep giving trouble and just gets on with the job. Bigfoot can do it fo ryou.

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