What is the Benefit of a “No Glow” Trail Camera?

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If you’re new to the exciting world of hunting, you’ll be wondering about what the key features are to a trail camera. The cameras all come with different kinds of flashes – no glow, low glow, and white flash. So what does no glow mean on trail camera?

A no glow trail camera has a black filter over the LEDs or infrared to eliminate the red glow that results from the light. The benefit of a no glow facility in a trail camera is so that animals or humans will not be alerted to the camera when it takes pictures or video. No glow technology was developed originally for covert surveillance operations so there would be absolutely no glow during photo or video operations.

Some No Glow Trail Camera Models

1. Oudmon No-Glow Trail Game Cameras

This robust 1080P video resolution, value-priced trail camera from Oudman is designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions. And it captures 16-megapixel images of clear images and video with sound. Of course, it features no-glow technology.

Oudman provides an excellent trail camera manufacturer with more than 10 years of professional experience. With this unobtrusive grey-colored hunting camera you can expect it to be well hidden among the trees. It has bright images captured during the daytime with black-and-white photos at night.

With an IP67 rating, you can be sure the camera is dustproof and waterproof. Also iIt comes with a USB connection and it requires 8 lithium AA batteries. And its 2.4” LCD screen allows you to instantly view pics. With its 0.3 super-fast trigger speed, significantly the camera has a detection range of 90 feet.

The waterproof cam is easy to operate where you require it for indoor or outdoor activities, such as hunting or home security. It comes with a belt and tree mount.

2. Browning Dark Ops Pro XD

Speak about Browning trail cameras in the presence of hunters and they’ll know that you’re talking about the best in the trail- and game cameras. The Browning Dark Ops Pro XD is packed full of features, including no glow technology.

Each of the dual lenses works with different light conditions, one for clear, bright daytime images and the other for infrared night photos. Video quality from the 24-megapixel camera is also good. Use 6 lithium AAs for this no glow camera from Browning with its 80-foot flash range.

3. The BlazeVideo Game & Trail Camera

With its durable camouflage case, the BlazeVideo trail camera offers excellent photo quality with good illumination with the 65-foot detection distance. It gives you excellent infrared night vision with 36 pcs no glow infrared LEDs that don’t scare away the animals.

At 25 frames per second, the camera can achieve 1080p quality. The camera has an internal 2.4’’ LCD screen and a fast .6-second trigger time. It takes four lithium AA batteries.

Hunters and those looking for a home-security trail camera love this non-intrusive, no-glow infrared camera that produces light at a long wavelength so as not to alert the game to the camera’s presence.

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