What is a Camera Trap? Where Can I Get One?

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What is a camera trap? The actual camera trap system is basically a waterproof box with a motion sensor. When an animal crosses the beam, it takes videos and images. Cameras traps are essentially the same point-and-shoot kind of cameras that you buy online or at your local store, housed in a protective jacket.

Camera traps from Sesern are capable of doing a brilliant job in some remote and inaccessible areas. They’re quietly recording details of rare animal activity that conservationists and researchers can use towards their particular cause.

The 20MP Sesern 1080P Trail Camera is one of these camera traps that makes it possible for researchers to understand the behavior of the species they are filming. It can be a remotely-triggered camera that detects the movement of an animal.

You can even purchase more than one and set them up to operate in a certain area and also over a certain timeframe. Today, it is thought that these camera’s data-collecting powers are more powerful than traditional survey strategies.

A Major Tool for Researchers

They can glean information on what threats the species is facing. The Sesern camera can be left at a location by being rigged to a tree. Animals automatically trigger the shutter release and it takes photos or video sequences, without the researcher or photographer being there.

The 20MP Sesern 1080P Trail Camera, with dimensions of 3.86 x 2.64 x 5.51 inches comes with a host of much-needed features. It is a major tool for researchers. An important aspect of this camera is the photos and the useful information that the photos contain such as the date, time, temperature, and lunar cycle.

When you order the  Sesern trail camera, you get –

  • The actual camera
  • A user manual
  • An installation belt
  • A USB cable
  • A stand support
  • Bolts and stoppers.

It is recommended that for the camera you use 8 AA alkaline batteries.

With large projects, a camera ID tag ensures researchers are able to keep track of which camera took which photo. With a fast 0.2s trigger speed the camera won’t miss anything that triggers excitement, even at night.

The trigger distance is up to 65ft. With the camera’s 2.4″color LCD screen, you never have to head back to where your computer is to see videos and images. The screen allows one to see directly on the camera. 

Rugged, Waterproof Camera

The IP66 waterproof camera from Sesern has been designed to put up with rugged weather conditions and it is suitable for all climates. With 48 pcs no-glow infrared LEDs, this sensitive camera detects and records everything at night.

Sesern Trail Cameras come with a 12 months quality warranty. It’s not only for researchers but is used for scouting, hunting, and home security. To maximize the value of your Sesern scouting camera, understand where and how to deploy them.

Providing Extensive Data in Interests of Research

Camera-traps are a useful tool for detecting various animal species and for answering a host of research questions. Excellent tools that they already are, we can expect even further advances in technology and even reduced costs.

They are a cost-effective, versatile tool for the likes of wildlife researchers, helping to provide fundamental missing data when researchers can’t be there themselves.

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