Why Are Campark Trail Cameras So Popular?

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Campark trail cameras, also called game cameras, now enjoy many advanced technological features. You can get what only professionals once had, at an affordable price. The close-up photographs produced can be impressive in clearness and detail.

These cameras, sometimes named camera-traps, take pictures of wildlife with remote control being possible. They appeal to hunters, conservationists, and people who want to secure their property.

Introducing Campark Trail Cameras

Campark makes a range of trail cameras with different features and at different prices. Consider your needs, and take a look at what the Camparkcam has to offer you!

Excellent Resolution Both in Pictures and Video

Picture resolution in Campark cameras is high, from 12 megapixels to 20. This assures you of their potential to take clear, detailed images in bright, natural color.

The video resolution is 30 frames-per-second, with the following sizes. 640×480, 848×480, 1280×720, and 1920×1080 pixels in width-by-height.

Remember that night-time photographs and video are in black and white. However, their contrast and detail are as good as the colored daylight images.

No-Glow Infrared Night Vision and Long Trigger Distance

These cameras use “no-glow” 940nm LED light with no visible light emitted. There is an array of 44 LEDs to produce the “flash” whenever light isn’t enough. The infrared filter is fully automatic.

Animals won’t be scared off, and burglars won’t see light shining. Not only this, but the camera triggers up to 20m/67ft away at night. This is an impressive, high-reaching performance for “no-glow” flash.

Camparkcam Trail Camera

Rapid Trigger Speed

Campark models achieve trigger speeds not more than 0.5 seconds. This enables you to cover a large area and take many pictures. Animals’ movement is recorded in great complexity and detail – just as an intruder’s will be.

Daytime triggering is as far as 30meters/100feet away, enabling distant or angled shots.

Energy-Saving Battery Use

When used in standby mode, Campark trail cameras can function for up to six months. Power is supplied by eight (8) x 1.5V AA LR6 battery cells.

Tough and Weatherproof Design

The top-of-the-range models use IP66 waterproofing and a strong housing. They are designed to endure in snow, jungle conditions, or desert.

A tripod with adjustable threading and a mounting strap are supplied with each camera. With these you can keep a camera away from ground dust and rain splashing.

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Many Special Functions and Reliable Operation

Campark’s budget model has external DC power supply of 6V, 2.0Amp. There is USB 2.0 connectivity, and storage is either on MicroSD or SDHC cards. Images are in JPEG format, video is in AVI format.

That’s not all: other features are time-stamp, moon phase with date, and temperature recorded! Also real-time replay, interval-recording, and hybrid mode.

Campark cameras are conveniently small, but can do so much! You can set them up easily to monitor animals, landscape changes, homes or businesses. Remember that high-capacity batteries and quick-recording memory cards maximize your camera’s performance

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