An Expert Reviews 4 Easy to Use Trail Cameras

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The main trail camera market drivers are hunters who would like to scout prey remotely. But they are also widely used for other purposes. Fortunately, there are several easy to use trail cameras out there.

The four easiest to use trail cameras are the Creative XP Networked Trail Camera, the Wildgame Innovations Shadow Micro Cam, the Browning Dark Ops HD Pro X Trail Camera and the Wildgame Innovations Terra IR Trail Camera.

Ever wondered what a great camera security system would involve? Trail cameras are a fantastic option. Often they produce clear and crisp pictures and footage, for a fraction of the price of dedicated home security systems.

Trail cameras offer a ton of practicality. See what mischief your pets get into while you are a work, the comings and goings at your bird feeder, and so on. With a wide range of choice and features, we have assembled the best easy to use trail cameras to help you choose.

Here are Stewart McAllan;s reviews of these easy-to-use models.

Easy to Use Trail Cameras – the Creative XP Networked Trail Camera

For its very reasonable price, memory cards can be discarded altogether by the Creative XP trail camera that is SIM-Card enabled.
The cam can be easily configured to send pictures to your email or phone directly. For hunters, this will provide invaluable intel on your prey before you head out hunting.

The drawback is the area the trail camera is placed has to have cell service reception. But that’s partly mitigated by backing up the images on a memory card.

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Wildgame Innovations Shadow Micro Cam

There are several reasons that a trail camera needs to be stealthy. And two of the main ones are that the cam must be as incognito as possible and it must not spook the subjects.

The Wildgame Innovations Shadow Micro Trail Cam is small and portable. What’s more, and easy enough to mount in places where its subjects are less likely to know it’s there.

This camera is slightly larger than a GoPro. The Shadow Micro easy to use trail camera comes in a bundle including a mounting strap, SD card and batteries. So you can begin shooting photos straight out of the box.

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Easy to Use Trail Cam

Easy to Use Trail Cameras – Browning Dark Ops HD Pro X

If you want to find out what causes those noises at night, go the Browning Dark Ops HD Pro X. Pinpoint a nocturnal invader or pattern a wild hog with this night vision camera.

The Dark Ops trail camera from Browning remedies this by featuring both an initial trigger and a cycling on subsequent photos. Additionally, the Illuma-Smart features adjusts the infrared flash based on how far the subject is when the sensor triggers the camera.

This trail camera produces 20MP images, alongside great options such as external power support (like a solar panel) and a detection range of 80 feet.

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Wildgame Innovations Terra IR Trail Camera

The Wildgame Terra IR provides adequate features and specs, making it a budget and beginner friendly trail camera for first-time buyers of trail cameras.
Its shooting range is 65 feet and the shooting resolution is 1080P Full HD, as well as accompanying night photos via infrared.

The LCD screen displays the number of shots taken as well as battery life.

While not a premium trail camera, it is an honest, easy-to-use. affordable trail camera for those that require multiple trail cameras.

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