Introducing the Amazing GardePro E6 Trail Camera

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GardePro’s best-selling high tech trail camera – GardePro E6 – is all about scouting and spotting animals in the woods. It has infrared night vision for awesome photo image quality, a 100′ detection range (day) and 75′ (night)  so you know when something is approaching your line of sight 24/7.

Why I Like the GardePro E6 Game Camera

The Gardepro E6 takes 4-view photos and video clips that are perfect for sharing on social media or uploading straight to the website so you can find other go-getters like yourself. There’s never been an easier way to take home that buck!

This battery-powered trail cam is well equipped for all year round use and weather conditions such as rainstorms, snowfalls, foggy mornings and high winds thanks to its waterproof rating.

The GardePro E6’s video recording camera can take both day time videos and night-time clips with optional continuous looping that watches 24/7 (HD) or on motion detection.

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More About the GardePro E6 Trail Camera

You want to see what wildlife really goes through–this product will let you do just that!

Be the stealthy predator with this high-tech, all-weather trail camera that’s super easy to use. You’ll get amazingly detailed and clear footage packed with photos so you can finally spot those sneaky prey before the ambush (and even more importantly unmask your hidden human enemies).

Built strong for hunters and enthusiasts alike, you won’t be disappointed in its many great features including

  • a wireless system that allows you to monitor your game without shedding any important heat;
  • an all-season lens that captures everything from daytime beauties to night-time activity;
  • infrared capabilities;
  • detection range for up to 100 ft.; and
  • rechargeable batteries lasting up to 12 months.

Total Control!

Take complete control of capturing moments in life through minute photographs with extraordinary clarity. Enjoy crisp HD video playback on your tablet or smartphone due to the 12 megapixel image sensor which reduces blurriness off fast-moving prey.

Don’t go in unprepared for the next big game you stumble across. Keep your eyes peeled with our hidden and waterproof, wireless camera!

What’s not to love about the Gardepro E6 trail camera? It offers infrared, infrared motion sensor and flash technology for enhanced visibility in low-light situations. The long-lasting batteries can last up to one year on a single charge!

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