Primos Autopilot Trail Camera 16MP

Primos Autopilot Trail Camera Wows in the Wild

If you are a deer or turkey hunter, or you are looking for a wildlife or surveillance trail cam, the Primos Autopilot trail camera from Bushnell is the next frontier.  It’s simplicity and reliability are wowing hunters, conservationists and householders everywhere.

The Primos Autopilot is outfitted with long-distance detection (a whopping 100 ft detection and night range), avanced motion sensing technology and high quality digital video and photo capability.

Advanced motion detection technology ensures that when an animal walks into range, the camera photographs them via infrared lights.

The low glow flash increases the detection distance up to 20 feet from the sensor or camera making your list of potential targets easier to spot than ever before.

Primos AutopilotTrail Camera: Beautiful Simplicity

Primos Autopilot BatteriesThe Primos Autopilot trail camera is small and easy to use. It can take VGA quality video or photos of anything in the detection range, which can be modified based on your need.

The water-proof casing guarantees protection against rain and snow storms without worry of malfunctioning in below freezing conditions.

The Primos  Autopilot Trail Cam provides maximum detection range with reduced motion blur. Boasting high resolution video footage at 1080p, this trail cam is stealthy enough to last the entire hunting season without missing a shot.  The camera takes high-quality 16MP stills.

Primos Autopilot Set UpAs with all Bushnell cameras, the Primos Autopilot is waterproof. The unit floats for easy retrieval if submerged by floodwaters or great feeder country snowdrifts.

But even in dry conditions, you’ll enjoy professional product photos with every trigger thanks to its long-range infrared night vision system that captures 30% more detail than typical game cameras.

The Primos Trail Camera takes 8 AA batteries (not included) and accepts to a 32GB SD Card (also not included).

Primos Autopilot Features Roundup