What trail cameras are made in the USA?

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Bushnell, Muddy and Cuddeback all offer trail cameras made in the USA. However, not every part of their cameras are manufactured in the country. For instance, circuitry boards and shells may be manufactured elsewhere and imported for assembly in the USA with only some parts (such as license plates for mounting) assembled here. Wildgame and Primos are leading names in trail cameras but come from Canada, not the USA.

To be honest, it’s unlikely you’ll find anything “made in the USA” by any of these companies along those lines if your definition is very specifically as “everything must come from US -made parts and labor” or it has been labeled as such.

Most electronics nowadays have at least some internal circuitry sourced from other countries, notably China.

Bushnell is an American company that has been making trail cameras for over 50 years. They claim to be the number one company in America for quality and innovation with an unending commitment to excellence.

Muddy does not offer any information as to where their products are made, but they do mention on their website that they manufacture everything with military-grade water, fog, dust, and ice protection so it can stand up tough conditions. It sounds like these guys may have us covered when it comes to ultimate weather protection! Pictured here is the Muddy Pro-Cam, and American favorite all-purpose trail camera available from Amazon.

Cuddeback make sophisticated scouting cameras using a proprietary wireless mesh network. Cuddeback does not say explicitly that its cameras are manufactured in the USA but the company does state that its cameras are “designed in the US” for local conditions.

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