Where Can I Find an Affordable Mini Trail Camera?

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Don’t be mislead by the name ‘mini’ trail camera. These small compact, lightweight cameras can fit into the palm of your hand but they’re packed full of features. People are always asking the question ‘where can I get a mini trail camera?’

People love shopping for these mini trail cameras on Amazon because there is always some kind of deal or promotion going on. This means a significant amount of money being knocked off the original price.

They’re not cumbersome either so you can always find a place for them where their camouflaged exteriors allow them to remain unobtrusive.

Mini trail cameras are high quality and if you choose from a good brand off Amazon, the camera will more than satisfy your needs for hunting, monitoring, and surveillance.

Great Deals on Mini Trail Cameras at Amazon

1. Wosports 2-Pack Mini Trail Camera

These attractive little 2-pack 12.8 oz trail cameras from Wosports come complete with a mounting strap to ensure they’re easy to install. ‎With dimensions 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.24 inches, it requires just 4 batteries to get it going.

With full HD 1080P video and 12MP photos, you can still expect clarity with all images from this mini trail camera from Wosports. The camera’s 17 pcs low-glow infrared LEDs ensure that you can expect superb night-time photography without frightening any animals.

Other features include it being an IP54 waterproof camera, a trigger speed of 0.5s – 1.1s, and 49 feet IR flash.

Check price of the Wosports 2-Pack Mini Trail Cameras at Amazon

2. Aibast Mini Trail Camera – 2 Pack – 20MP

Requiring 4 AA batteries, the 20MP Mini Aibast trail cameras with 32GB Micro card, can be monitoring wildlife, observing birds in your garden, or being used to provide information and images on your hunts.

With 1080P photo and video resolution, the detection range for this mini camera at night is up to 65FT. Its 26 IR LEDs ensure the camera is invisible to wildlife.

The small camouflaged camera with dimensions 5.16 x 5 x 4.65 inches can be made to easily blend in with its natural surroundings and it comes with a mounting belt.

3. Sesern Mini Trail Camera – 20MP

Customer reviews on Amazon say that the 20MP Sesern Mini Trail Camera is seriously easy to install and operate. It’s a tiny camera too, with dimensions being 4.78×3.78×2.3 inches and weighing just 183 grams.

It won’t be easy to detect this small camouflaged camera with its full HD 1080P video sensors. Its 2 inch LCD screen allows for instant viewing of vids and images. The IP66 waterproof camera from Sesern with a trigger speed of 0.2s has a 120° wide-angle lens and the trigger distance reaches 80 foot.

Check the price of the Sesern 20MP Mini Trail Cam at Amazon

4. ElecEye Wildlife Camera – 20MP

This small green camouflaged trail camera with dimensions of 4.25 x 3.74 x 2.56 inches captures 20 MP clear images and full HD 1080P video.

The 20MP ElecEye wildlife camera from Amazon requires 4 AA batteries to operate. Its quick trigger speed of 0.3 – 0.8s ensures clear night and day images.

It offers a nice wide-angle lens of 120°. It comes with a time-lapse function. This means the mini trail camera will take pictures at preset time intervals whether it detects motion or not.

Check the price of the ElecEye Wildlife Camera at Amazon

Mini trail cameras are multi-functional devices

There are many different kinds of mini trail cameras on the market today. It’s up to you to learn about the different types of mini trail cameras there are before you purchase one.

Small though they may be, they still come with every feature necessary to be multi-functional devices. They take clear pics and provide you with the details you want for monitoring animals or for taking a role in home security. They’re available on Amazon and they all offer professional after-sales service.

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