What is the Best Bluetooth Wildlife Camera?

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Is it the right time to invest in the best Bluetooth wildlife camera? We can authoritatively say, yes, it is time to buy a Bluetooth game camera!

The more technology advances, so do the features of the latest Bluetooth trail cameras. In recent years, cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth trail cameras have given hunters, environmentalists and property owners new avenues of reviewing animal behavior, from the comfort of their homes.

Gone are the days of having to travel to all your camera traps to eject SD cards for review on your computer at home.

Now, photos and videos are sent to you directly via text message or email by means of mobile system, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

While Wi-Fi and cellular networks are prone to occasional outages due to bad weather and other causes, Bluetooth is reliably always on, and thus, will not let you down.

How Does a Bluetooth Game Camera Work?

Traditional deer hunting cameras and Bluetooth deer scouting cameras work in a similar way. The largest difference is how you receive and view the photos that are taken. Bluetooth trail cameras transfer images to your phone directly over Bluetooth.

Certainly Bluetooth technology is preferable when files are being transferred between devices that are in proximity to one another. Bluetooth settings are easy to adapt to, and the results will impress you mightily.

The Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Wildlife Cameras

  • Bluetooth is simple to understand
  • Bluetooth is more secure than for example Wi-Fi
  • Compared to Wi-Fi and cellular, Bluetooth is the wireless option with the least battery drain
  • Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly connect a number of devices
  • The operational distance of Bluetooth is much less in comparison to cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Speed is slower in comparison to the other two wireless file transfer methods

The Browning Defender 850 is the Best Bluetooth Wildlife Camera

The best Bluetooth wildlife camera is the Browning Defender 850. The Defender 850 captures images at a very quick pace, and similarly records very clear video due to the Browning Defender 850 sensor’s high resolution. The cherry on top is its Bluetooth capability.

In the trail camera space, Browning is among the greats. Its reputation is well-earned, as they have committed themselves to high-quality and innovative trail cameras. They separate themselves from other game camera brands by equipping their products with a wide range of features.

Browning Defender 850 Features

  • The Browning Defender 850 Bluetooth game camera is the best Bluetooth trail camera because it takes fantastic videos and pictures, both during the day and at night due to its quick trigger time, infrared flash distance and high resolution. The videos even have audio!
  • It is durable thanks to its water-resistant housing. This same housing is colored in camouflage, which enhances its concealment in the woods or in the wilderness.
  • The mobile app that is allied to this device is responsive, allowing for the review of images via Bluetooth on the fly.
  • Poor battery life is this product’s most noteworthy inadequacy. With its broad range of features, the battery is bound to drain fast.
  • As with most Bluetooth devices, the transmission range is short.

Check the price of the Browning Defender 850 at Amazon

How to download and use the Browning Defender Mobile App

Download the Browning mobile app free whether you are on Android or iOS. Link your Browning Defender 850 to view your images and videos remotely.

What are the benefits of the Browning Defender 850 app?

  • Field of view preview
  • Download and view videos and pictures on your cell phone
  • Remotely configure camera settings
  • Use Wi-Fi at 60 yards or less

Final thoughts

While traditional trail cameras are fine enough, Bluetooth trail cameras are even better, by upping the game. Conveniently receive your videos and images directly on to your phone instead of visiting the camera to get the SD card containing your photos and videos.

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