What is the Best Trail Camera for Bird Watching?

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The best trail camera for bird watching will allow you and your family to enjoy bird watching from the comfort of your home.

Have you ever wondered about the different species of birds in your area? Are you curious about bird activity and behavior?

Children and adults alike will appreciate the candid look into the lifestyles of different birds that a trail camera for bird watching will provide.

The best game camera for watching birds will instill the appreciation of birdlife that will endure for the entire lives of your young ones, perhaps building towards a fulfilling bird watching pastime.

Best Trail Camera for Bird Watching – the Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera

Bushnell’s birding trail camera is an essential HD game camera for bird watching, as well as being very capable. While it is slightly pricey, you do get maximum features in return.

These include a 0.3 second trigger speed and a 100-feet illumination and detection range. Its 16MP images can be viewed on its LCD display.

This Bushnell wildlife camera offers dynamic video mode, whereby recording is only initiated when movement is sensed, and stops when the bird flies out of view, saving on battery power.

In addition, the included date stamp on every photo taken helps identify other key details surrounding the taking of the shot, such as moon phases, GPS, and temperature.

Low-glow night vision LEDs are used at night when recording footage to obscure the cameras location, making sure not to spook the birds.

Check the price for the Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera at Amazon.

Alternative Budget Bushnell Trail Cam for Bird Watching – Meidase SL122 Pro Trail Camera

This budget-friendly camouflage bird cam offers both a unique keyboard and a color display, in addition to its high-performing photo and video elements.

Boasting an elevated-resolution lens, in-depth optimization image sensor, aide-angle lens and a larger aperture, this wildlife camera for bird watching instantly captures still images and videos whenever motion is sensed.

It also utilizes no-glow IR invisible illumination flash technology to capture bird activity during the night, to a distance of at least 20 feet.

Its detection angle of 120 degrees and trigger time of 0.2 seconds makes it ideal for taking pictures of bird activity.

It is built to a waterproof, reliable and study standard, withstanding most climate types, ensuring you can monitor your feathered friends with ease and without interruption on the lawn, in the trees or at the bird feeder.

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