How to Find a Camouflage Trail Camera for Monitoring Game

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There are many amazing and super-cool trail cameras on sale currently, with most of them performing admirably in lots of situations. Here is my pick of the best camouflage trail camera for monitoring game models that are ideal in certain ways, so pick the one that best fits yours particular needs.

1. Reconyx HyperFire 2 Covert Infrared – Stunning Image Quality


  • Twelve AA batteries
  • 0.25-second trigger speed
  • 80-ft detection range

Many experienced trail camera users have remarked that the Reconyx HyperFire 2 Covert Infrared shoots the sharpest and clearest photos of all the trail cameras they have ever used. I have to agree.

Thanks to recovering in just one second after triggering in a quarter of a second, this camouflage trail camera for monitoring game shoots more pics than most other game cameras.

The case that surrounds this fabulous camouflage wildlife camera is well-built and solid, a serious consideration for those in areas that receive rough weather. It is simple to program, a worthy attribute, especially out in the field.

Reconyx Hyperfire 2

The downsides to this trail camera for monitoring wildlife are few, the biggest being price. There are many other models that take perfectly acceptable photos, so if the best in trail camera photography is not what you need, there are other options.

Additionally, its video output does not match its still images, so that maybe a consideration for those who value wildlife observing video more than game watching photos.

All in all, the best wildlife monitoring camouflage game camera for photo quality is the ReconyxHyperFire 2 Covert Infrared.

Check the price of the the Reconyx HyperFire 2 Covert at Amazon

2. Browning Recon Force Elite HP – Excellent Video Quality


  • Eight AA batteries
  • Adjustable trigger speed between 0.1 seconds to 0.7 seconds
  • 80-ft detection range
  • 22 MP

The Browning Recon Force Elite HP captures wildlife movements crisply and clearly, especially in video form.

Its battery life is similarly impressive, as its lightning-quick trigger allied to its nearly-as-fast recovery time.

All this means you will not miss out on any action while monitoring game.

Browning Recon Force

Photo-wise, this unit captures very acceptable ones, but Browning Recon Force Elite HP video quality is second to none in our testing.

This camouflage remote tracking game camera comes with several minor faults, led by gummy battery trays. On the whole, the video performance of Browning Recon Force Elite HP wildlife management camera far outweighs any minor niggles one may experience with its performance.

Check the price of the Browning Recon Force Elite HP Amazon.

3. Spypoint Link-Micro S LTE Solar – High-Class Remote Cellular Camera


  • Ten AA batteries (rechargeable)
  • 80-ft detection range
  • 0.4-second trigger speed
  • 10 MP

Most trail camera manufacturers are spending a larger proportion of their research and development funds in the camouflage cellular game monitoring trail camera niche for a reason: it is the best-selling and most popular trail camera sector at the moment.

When judged on a price vs. performance metric, the Spypoint Link-Metro S LTE is the best cellular camouflage wireless trail camera for use in monitoring wildlife, by my estimation.

With its decent detection range of 80 feet, this wildlife game monitoring camera sports a fairly quick 0.4-second trigger speed.

Photo quality, particularly on controlled mounts such as bird feeder stations, licks and scrapes, to say nothing of home security applications, is great-to-excellent.

Setting up a Spypoint Trail Camera

Spypoint trail cameras always impress with their high image detection rates, as well as quick recovery times of just more than one second.

Spypoint are known to offer free photos on a monthly basis, while their plan charges are quite fairly priced.

Overall, the solar panel assisting the rechargeable batteries to power this camouflage game camera for wildlife monitoring is a terrific idea, especially if you have mounted your trail camera quite a distance away, with power lasting up to one year with moderate use.

Its downsides are minimal, including a burst mode that stops after only two shots, and lack of a video feature.

For a mid-budget camouflage cellular trail camera for monitoring wildlife, you will not find much better.

Check the price of the Spypoint Link-Micro S LTE Solar at Amazon

4. Ridgetec Lookout Dual LTE – Honorable Mention


  • Twelve AA batteries
  • 90-ft detection range
  • 0.2-second trigger speed
  • 12 MP

With its speedy trigger and above-average detection range, the RidgetecLokout Dual LTE – designed and manufactured in Canada – holds its own in the increasingly crowded cellular trail camera segment among competitors from more familiar game camera makers.

The first cool attribute with this cellular game management camera is its twin SIM card arrangement, allowing it to become either a Verizon trail camera or a AT&T wildlife camera, depending on which carrier has the stronger overage in your desired mounting spot.


Image quality is described as being adequate, though its trigger is positively zippy. Burst mode can be configured to capture up to three images, and it can handle video recording as well. Even better, the accompanying data plans are quite reasonably-priced.

This unit has few failings, including fuzzy daytime photos.

Generally speaking, this up and coming trail camera maker has impressed us with this dual cellular camouflage trail camera for keeping up with wildlife.

Check the price of the Ridgetec Lookout Dual LTE at Amazon.

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