Campark Trail Cameras Do a Great Job

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Campark trail cameras are excellent scouting cameras that are ideal for hunters. They can also serve as a security camera for your home.

Having the right camera is crucial for your purposes so you want to choose a reputable brand. Then you can be sure that everything about the camera you invest in is quality.

Campark is an established brand – a reputable manufacturer of action cameras. They started out in 2008.

In this Campark Trail camera review, I’m going to look at a couple of models that are well ranked with Campark based on their features, quality, and durability.

1. Campark T70

This camera is known for its exceptional IR technology.
The Campark T70 scouting cam produces images of 14MP resolution and can record FHD videos.

You can expect super daytime colored images and clear black and white nighttime images.

Campark T70
The Campark T70 also has real-time replay.

Some other features of this reliable trail camera from Campark –

  • Automatic IR filter with infrared flash illumination technology
  • Uses a large SD card – can support SD cards up to 32GB
  • 44 pieces of LEDs ensure animals aren’t frightened
  • Trigger speed of 0.5 seconds
  • Low battery power consumption
  • IP66 waterproof camera. Its strong plastic casing protects the device from dust and water damage.
  • The camera comes with a mounting strap.
  • It takes just minutes for camera set-up.

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2. Campark T30 Trail Camera

This is one of Campark’s best-selling waterproof trail cameras. It’s suited for budget customers. The Campark T30 offers a 14MP resolution of pics and 1080P HD videos.

Campark T30

The camera makes use of infrared technology for excellent night vision photos. Some of its other amazing features –

  • 26 infrared low glow LED pieces that promise not to startle wildlife.
  • Has a range of 54 feet.
  • 3 passive infrared sensors and high sensitive detector alerts camera to slightest motion
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds
  • 120° camera lens allows you to capture the best shots
  • Easy to operate and easy to mount

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4. Campark Trail Camera-WiFi 20MP 1296P Bluetooth

If you’re looking for clear, bright pictures of the wildlife on your property, this 20MP Campark trail camera features a 20MP picture and 1296P video resolution. The T80 trail camera comes with advanced night vision with its 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs range of 65 feet.
Many people use this camera for hunting, conservation purposes, and for home security.

Other features –

  • Built-in wifi and app control function
  • Recommend 32GB SD card – both card and batteries aren’t included with this camera
  • Images are stamped with date, time, moon phase, and temperature
  • No-Glow Infrared Night Vision camera. Shows the behavior of animals at night without frightening them
  • IP66 waterproof camera
  • LCD 2.3-inch color screen
  • With this wireless trail camera from Campark, you can view the camera’s feed from your phone.
  • In the box – trail camera, user manual, USB cable, screws, mountain belt, threaded tripod

For those new to game-, remote or trail cameras, Campark’s cameras can be used in a host of outdoor situations and that includes home security too.


With these cameras, you can set up just one single camera or you can have a multi-camera setup. The awesome thing with these cameras is that they’re silently working when their owners aren’t there.

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