Critter Cameras for Wildlife

Critter Cameras are Great for Wildlife Research Globally

Trail cameras used in series (up to ten employed at a time) are helping zoologists to understand animal behavior.  So-called critter cameras lie in wait along animal tracks or near lairs to film and take pictures of unsuspecting animals and birds.  

Wildlife organizations hire out critter cameras to researchers who can’t afford their own but more researchers buy their own trail cams these days because they are getting cheaper.

Game cameras are affordable and long-lasting. For less than $100 you can get a sturdy and long-lasting trail camera with a strap to secure it to a tree or shrub.  Trail cameras record images and video, sent to your cell phone.

The only added expense is AA batteries, which most trail cameras run on. But remember that the camera uses power only when a passing creature triggers the sensor, so the batteries can last for several months.

Trail cameras with a camouflaged appearance, particularly with a look of tree bark, are the best critter cams. Also users can further conceal these devices by sticking leaves and grass into the specially created rings on the outer shell.  

Researchers recommend the Bushnell Trophy model. Bushnell is a reputable brand and the Trophy model is a hardy and affordable trail camera. Read the full review here.

Most trail camera makes are suitable for surveying wildlife. The three leading brands are Moultrie, Bushnell and Muddy. Some models and makes feature tree bark camouflage while others have the conventional military-type multi-coloured camouflaged suitable for foliage. Others have casings in plain brown or green.

Homesteaders, farmers and even urban home owners all over the world use backyard these devices for two primary purposes: to detect intruders (human or animal) and to watch wildlife including birds.

Typically home owners fix them to trees near bird tables and feeders or high up on the house with a yard view. Critter cameras take photos and record video when triggered, and send the data to the owner’s cell phone.

Where these products are listed at Amazon you will find user reviews of the specific model.

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