Is There a Good Game Camera for Tracking Rodents?

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Rats and mice around your place can cause damage, chewing through electrical wires and causing power failures and fires. They also carry diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonella among others.

You want to tackle the issue of rodents as soon as possible as a female rat can easily give birth to as many as 2,000 babies in a year.

Game cameras that people have enjoyed success with  in eliminating these rodent critters have been the Bushnell and Reconyx brands. The Reconyx brand does tend to be on the expensive side, but many people are so afraid of their rodent problem getting out of hand that they are willing to pay a bit more.

Good Trail Cameras for Tracking Rodents

1. RECONYX HyperFire 2 Covert IR Camera

The Reconyx Hyperfire 2 is a full covert camera used primarily for wildlife monitoring and for security. For rodents, it will need to be mounted so that the sensor and lens are about 8cm above the ground. Some bait such as food scraps can be placed in front of the screen in the camera’s field of view. The camera is a high-end trail camera with extraordinary photo quality and battery life.

Some of its amazing features include –

  • Trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • 720p HD Video – not the greatest – not full HD
  • Up to 90 images and video per trigger
  • No-Glow IR LEDs
  • Detection range: 80ft

2. Arlo HD Camera

The beauty of the weather-resistant Arlo camera is that it is completely wire-free. A game camera for rodents like this comes complete with motion detection and night vision. When it captures pics it will send you alerts. It only records when motion is detected so no battery power is wasted.

The Arlo High Definition weatherproof camera can be used in and outdoors and can be a daytime- or nighttime camera for rodents. The camera’s free app lets you watch live streaming as well as recorded footage on your phone or computer, When rodents start getting active at night, it has superb clarity for capturing all the action. Setting up this trail camera for rodents couldn’t be easier. It has one or two key features –

  • 100% wire-free
  • Dimensions: 9.26 x 11.62 x 4.77”
  • Superb clarity with nighttime pics
  • Motion alerts mean you save battery life
  • 2 Lithium metal batteries are required
  • Free cloud storage allows for instant access to your footage.

The camera has been designed as a home security product, but it doubles as a perfect wildlife camera trap too. It is super for identifying pests such as mice and rats.

3. More Rodent Trail Cameras

Other great game cameras for rodents are the Campark rodent & wildlife cameras with their excellent night vision. The Bushnell range is also good. The Bushnell Core DS No Glow is an  unusual game camera for rodents in that it has two image sensors as opposed to one. Being a no glow trail camera, it can capture shots of even the shyest creatures. This trail camera captures images at 30MP and full HD video.

If you detect rat droppings between your food, it’s time to take action. Trail or game cameras for rodents will keep you up to date on the rodent behavior in your home. You’ll be able to take the most appropriate steps to rid your home of rats and mice and prevent them from becoming an uncontrollable infestation.

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