Here is a (Rare) Agitato Trail Camera Review

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By popular request, here’s an Agitato trail camera review.

Agitato prices vary greatly. You can find good trail cameras that cost well over $300 and you can find good cameras for less than 50 bucks.

It can be difficult to decide which is right for you, but a review of Agitato trail cameras (the best two Agitato deals in my view) might sway you.

The Two Best Agitato Trail Camera Deals

1. Double Deal – Agitato 24MP 2-Pack No-Glow Game & Deer Trail Camera

With the Agitato 24MP 2-Pack No Glow Game & Deer Trail Camera you get the Sony Starvis image sensor. This means you can expect great pictures at night and in low-light conditions.

The cameras are easy to operate. It requires inserting an SD card which isn’t included. Trigger speed is 0.1s with a super quick recovery time of 0.5s. The two trail cameras have a night version at 100 feet. It also has a time-lapse feature.

Other features with this trail camera include –

  • no glow 940nm infrared LEDs
  • fast trigger time of 0.1~0.6s
  • fast recovery time of 0.5s
  • long trigger distance up to 82 feet
  • adjustable 3 sensitivity levels.

This trail camera comes with Advanced H.264 video recording complete with sound.

The 24MP camera is also IP66 waterproof which means it is robust enough to work well in tough weather conditions.

Check today’s price of the Agitato 2-Pack Trailcam at Amazon

2. Single Option – Agitato Professional 20 MP Game & Deer Trail Camera

This camera has a lot in common with the 24 MP reviewed above.

The Agitato Professional 20MP Game & Deer Trail Camera has 100ft night vision. It also comes with a built in Sony Starvis image sensor. This enables superbly clear images at night and in low light conditions. Sometimes cheaper cameras fail when it comes to nighttime trigger distance, but not this one.

Another benefit is  its other unusual feature with the affordable price – its time-lapse mode.

Best of all, the camera costs less than $100. So it’s a well-featured camera at a low price point.

Check today’s price of the Agitato 20 MP Trail Cam at Amazon

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