How to Set Up a Moultrie Game Camera

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We’re going to take a look at how to set up a Moultrie game camera the right way. But first, some background.

Dan Moultrie, game manager and hunter, founded the Moultrie brand in 1980, and today it is a leader in game cameras. The cameras are known to be durable and innovative and fairly easy to set up.

Moultrie was the first to build a cellular trail camera, and with partnerships with Verizon and AT&T, you no longer have to drive to the hunting location to pull SD cards. You can set up your Moultrie camera and remain well away from the hunting area. (Thanks to the Moultrie company for the above photograph.)

Steps on how to set up a Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

  • Insert the batteries required by the Moultrie and the SD card. How to use a trail camera correctly requires you first knowing what batteries it will require, Before you set up your A-Series, first check that you have the batteries inserted properly. For this game camera, you’ll need 8 lithium batteries. You open the camera cover and install the batteries.
  • Insert the SD card. It’s not included. To do this you must open the front cover. Look at the card and insert it in the direction it tells you. You will actually hear a click.
  • Slide the Mode Switch to the set-up position. On the LCD display, you will see the battery level and you can know your camera has powered up. When the battery is low, below 15%, the unit will turn off.
  • When your camera is on after sliding the power switch to ON, the camera shows the countdown. When it reaches ‘00’ it goes to Capture Mode. Know your capture mode – whether it’s stills or videos, bearing in mind that video files are much bigger.
  • To change the trail camera settings, you can slide the switch to the SETUP position. You use the up-and-down arrow keys and once your setting is adjusted to what you want, press OK as this locks the setting you chose.
  • Detection Delay Setting. It’s important to get it right as it can save your battery. It’s a feature that determines how long your camera is inactive after taking photos or a video. Press the OK button and use the UP and DOWN buttons to choose whether you want 15 or 30 seconds between filming or even longer – 1 minuter or 5 minutes. Once you choose, press OK to lock in your choice.
  • When the camera is in SETUP mode the LCD display will show the time. Press the OK button and the selection flashes. You then use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the selection. Press the OK button to lock in the selection and you can then repeat the process to set the day, month, and year.
  • When your camera is set up, you can mount it on a tree or even a pole. Set it about 3 feet high. It’s simply a case of threading the strap through the slots provided at the back and securing it to a tree or pole. You can angle the camera according to what area you want to be covered.

Once set up the right way, your trail camera is going to let you know exactly what wildlife moved in the desired area. Setting up a trail camera isn’t difficult and when you’ve got the knack of it, it’s going to provide you with all the important information you need about the wildlife roaming on your land.

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