How to Set up a Spypoint Game Camera

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You’ve just bought your new Spy Point camera and you can’t wait to set it up. I understand that – I’m exactly the same. For me, though, rushing didn’t work out. I felt that it was so easy that I didn’t need read the instructions. I reckoned I would instinctively know how to set up a Spypoint game camera….

I got my Spypoint Solar Dark camera started, and set it up in the woods with no problems. I went home and waited for the photos to come through to my phone.

Much to my dismay, I received nothing. Convinced that the camera was faulty, I retrieved it.

I checked the SD card and it had many pictures on it. I called support, and felt a little sheepish when they determined that I had not activated my account.

As you may imagine, I started from scratch, not missing a step. Learn from my experiences, and take a little time with the set up. It’ll save you days of disappointment.

How to Set up a Spy Point Game Camera

A quick overview of the process is:

  • Download the Spy Point app
  • Open the back of the camera
  • Insert the SD Card into the slot
  • Open the Spy Point app
  • Add your new phone and then scan the barcode inside the camera to link it
  • Answer the questions step-by-step
  • Hit the activate button
  • Insert the batteries
  • Close the cam’s door
  • Open your app and get started

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A Detailed Explanation of how to Set Up Your Spy Point Camera

Now, let’s examine the process in more detail.
Step One
Perform this step at your home, before you place the camera. If something goes wrong, you know it’s trouble with the camera. In the wild, it could be the camera, the signal, or even temperature.
Open the back of the cam and ensure that there are no batteries in it.
Step Two
Install your new SD card into the appropriate slot.
Step Three
Open the Spy Point app on your phone. Then select “Add Device” or Login and use the “+” sign to do the same thing.
Step Four
A menu will appear at the bottom of your screen, scroll through it until you locate your device. Then click next. The machine will remind you that you must have an SD card inserted. You’ll verify this.

Camera Trap on a Tree

Next Steps

Step Five
You’ll see a screen that says “Scan.” You have two choices here:

  • Scan: The easiest option is to point your phone’s camera at the barcode inside your trail cam. Hit “Scan” and the system will upload the details.
    Input Manually: Alternatively, you can input the details manually.
    Once you’ve entered the information, click on “Next.”

Step Six
Here the system asks if someone referred you, or if you have a promo code. If neither apply, leave them blank and hit “Activate my Device.” When you complete the process correctly, you’ll see a “Congratulations” screen.
If something went wrong, the app will advise you accordingly. You’ll need to start from scratch again.
Step Seven
Insert the batteries and fire up your trail cam. Watch the status light. It will blink while still acquiring a signal. When it acquires a signal, it will become a solid color. The lights are colored differently depending on:

  • Green: Good, strong signal
  • Orange: Fair signal
  • Red: Limited or poor signal if any

Step Eight
Head out to the location you’re installing the camera at and check the signal strength there as well.
Learn more about the Spylink Set Up process here.


I’d have saved myself much frustration if I had simply checked my new camera out at home first. As it turned out, though, my experience gave me the idea to write this article, so it wasn’t a total waste.

What’s the best way to set up a trail camera?

Your cam should be as discreet as possible where you place it. Choose a tree trunk that is wider than the camera, so that no one can see it on the other side. Also place it just above the eyeline of an average deer. For more detailed instructions, watch this video.

How high should you set a trail camera?

Ideally you should set your trail camera ten to twenty feet above the ground. This is high enough that it’s not noticeable by animals or humans passing by.

How do you get big bucks on a trail camera?

Big bucks are cautious. They’re old enough to understand that a trail camera is problematic for them. Your best chance of getting them on camera is to hide the cam as well as possible.

To capture images and video of big bucks on your trail camera, place it high in the tree, looking down.

Try nestling it in the fork of tree branches to make it less noticeable from the ground.

Furthermore, make sure that your camera operates quietly and that it doesn’t glow.

When should I move my trail camera?

Deer are migratory; they move as they deplete the food source in one area. You should, therefore, to move your trail camera periodically. Every fortnight is ideal, if you have the time. This way you’re able to more closely follow deer migration patterns.

What are common mistakes people make when setting up a trail cam?

  • Not reformatting the memory card
  • Forgetting to change the photo or video settings
  • Not paying attention to the angle of the shot when placing the camera

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