What is the Ideal Game Camera for a Bird Feeder?

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Looking for the ideal game camera for a bird feeder are you? Maybe you want to observe the feathered friends that come to visit your bird feeder. Or perhaps you want to stake out unwanted bird intruders in your back yard. Well, game cameras are the multi-functional devices that will allow you to achieve either goal easily at a reasonable cost.

The best games for watching bird feeders are the Bushnell Trophy, the Foxelli and Stealth Cam G42NG game cameras. All three trail cameras are hardy and affordable.

Bird enthusiast favor trail cameras to record birds as they frolic at your backyard feeder. They also use trail cameras to detect movement that threaten your family on your property.

Here are three of the most ideal game cameras for a bird feeder or for home security.

It’s an informative buying guide to get you well on your way to buying the most highly recommended wildlife scouting bird feeder cameras.

So I hope this article will answer any lingering bird watching trail camera questions you may have, then choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Ideal Game Camera for a Bird Feeder – Top 3 Models

1. My Top Pick – the Bushnell Trophy Cam Game Camera

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Bird Feeder Camera is an exceptional HD bird watching camera.

While costing more than the cheapest bird feeder trail cameras on sale today, it justifies its price many times over.

0.3 seconds is the trigger time to take a picture. And it can do so from a range of 100 feet. In addition, it has an in-built LCD display that provides useful information, as well as sporting a camera sensor of 16MP, for crisper, clearer images.

Your bird subjects will be captured in vivid detail through its ability to shoot a higher amount of images. And that’s thanks to its hyper-image recovery feature.

Also, its dynamic video mode allows shooting of moving birds when in range of its camera, ceasing once it exit saving on battery consumption.

This trail camera for your bird feeder also features a convenient date stamp that displays everything from moon phases, GPS, temperature, date and, of course, time.

Low glow infrared LEDs enhance after-dark photography, meaning your bird feeder remains well covered by this fantastic bird feeder game camera.

Check the price of the Bushnell Trophy game camera at Amazon

2. Tight Budget? – Foxelli Trail and Bird Feeder Camera

This bang-for-your-buck bird watching game camera for your bird feeder is highly recommended and very well reviewed at Amazon.

Appreciated for its innovative design, exceedingly effective and receptive video and photographic technology and its extreme affordability, this budget game camera for a bird feeder will have you enjoying bird content for many years to come.

Check the price of the Foxelli Bird Feeder Camera at Amazon

3. Best for Night and Day – Stealth Cam G42NG Game Camera for Bird Feeders

The Stealth Cam G42NG game trail camera for bird feeders uses technology as its basis for delivering stunning bird imagery to its users.

For the budget-conscious, this model is among the best No-Glow game cameras due to its low price and plentiful features.

Amongst its offerings is fantastic day and night time photographic reliability, fast trigger and burst photography mode.

Additionally, it can be configured in up to four resolution settings, tailoring its output to your needs.

By far its standout feature is its Triad functionality that allows you to capture HD video, time-lapse pictures and still images.

Check the price of the Stealth Game Camera at Amazon

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