Infrared Game Camera

Latest Reviews of Top Infrared Game Cameras at Amazon

Would you like to record the impulsive activities of wildlife or scout for the best hunting spot? An infrared game camera will do the job.

These infrared wildlife cameras have got your back.

Just look at the stunning night image above taken with an infrared camera and posted on by Valerie Corado…

I’ve  tested out the leading infrared trail cameras on the market to bring you this infrared game camera reviews buying guide with these excellent options.

The Stealth Cam DS4K is one of the first 4K infrared no glow game cameras that came on sale, and still remains one of the best.

Photos are shot at a stunning 30 megapixels and its trigger speed is a blistering 0.4 seconds. Its flash range is impressive too, at 100 feet.

It can switch between its dual sensors, depending on if its being used at night or during the day. At night, images are shot using infrared, making them clear and crisp.

The daytime sensor is enhanced for light, providing you with heightened accuracy when compared with infrared trail cameras with just one sensor.

Whatever mode it is in, the Stealth Cam DS4K is eerily quiet in its operation, as well as not emitting any light whatsoever via its LEDs.

This infrared game camera features dual Full HD/4K sensors, with daytime video shot at 4K and nighttime footage recorded at Full HD 1080P.

Both of those modes support sound recording but no sound leaks outwards, thereby not spooking the subjects. Still pictures are achieved at a resolution of 20MP.

The REXING Woodlens H6 angle of view, a startlingly wide 110 degrees uses infrared night vision to capture photos in just 0.2 seconds from distances of up to 65 feet away in perfect clarity.

Sensitivity settings can be adjusted according to the size of the wildlife being photographed. The scheduler feature is handy, for recording at predetermined times instead of when the motion detection system senses movement. This can be calibrated for both standard video and time-lapse shooting.

This well-designed infrared wildlife camera sits inside a lockable case that protects against rain and wind. It can be secured using a password and lock, leaving you with peace of mind when mounting it and leaving it in the woods for extended periods.

For those searching for the best infrared game camera, the REXING Woodlens H6 is going to take some beating.

The SPYPOINT Link-S is accessible remotely via cell networks. This is accomplished by its accompanying mobile app.

Video and images are uploaded automatically to the cloud where you can configure a mobile device to receive notifications.

The SPYPOINT Link-S cellular infrared game camera itself links through 4G/LTE and needs a SIM card (comes bundled with the game cam) with a specific plan that transmits content. It works similarly to a mobile phone plan so as to link with the network and transmit data.

Cellular infrared trail cameras suit people who are very far away from their game cameras or for those who prefer to ‘set and forget’ their wildlife cameras over long periods of time.

This trail cam features an Android and iOS app that itself offers several features: weather checks, map access, multiple infrared wildlife cameras management and a ‘buck tracker’ that points out antlers while filtering out excess images.

For those seeking an affordable no-flash game camera, the Stealth Cam G42NG is one of the best no-glow trail cameras.

Photos are taken in 10MP while videos are recorded in HD 720P, all captured without the emission of any lights.

Shortly after unboxing, you will notice the sturdiness, which can be described as brick-like. Not only does it withstand many a passive impact, it ships with a tree strap and brackets.

The control buttons and backlit LCD display are contained under a cover, while the SD card slot and USB port can be found on its side.

This infrared scouting and tracking camera needs 8 AA batteries to operate, with lithium lasting longer than alkaline. Its included power jack can be used an alternative power source, by connecting to a 12V battery.

The Stealth Cam G42NG infrared wildlife camera comes with ‘multi-zone’ technology, whereby it can scan several angles for a wider perspective of the area.

Combined with its 100-ft motion sensing range, you will not miss too many subjects with this cam.