Introducing the Cute, Affordable KUFA Mini Trail Camera

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The Kufa Mini trail camera is a small, revised version of Kufa’s most popular trail camera with even more features for any outdoor wildlife expedition.

They’ve reworked the lens and added two zoom settings to get you closer to what’s actually happening in your target-rich hunting habitat.

The Kufa Mini trail camera features 1080P HD video, 120 degree field of view and an infrared mode that captures more game – at night.

Details of the Kufa Mini Trail Camera

When it comes to hunting, spying on your favorite wildlife’s home turf, or just finding out what the neighbors are up to even when they think you can’t see them… the Kufa Mini is the ultimate trail camera and recording device for all of your covert missions.

The mini size makes it discreet and easy-to-carry into any area. The invisible infrared LEDs let you capture both day and night activity without spooking animals with bright white lights. It’s water resistant.

The Kufa Mini is lightweight and versatile. This tracking camera can detect noises up to 50 feet away, and produces high resolution digital video and images at 30 frames per second. It also captures time stamping data so you know exactly what happened when you review the footage.

The Kufa mini is an excellent choice for anyone on the go since it’s both compact and wireless – there are no cables or cords making this bad boy completely rechargeable with eight shooting modes (time lapse mode too).

Brave the wilderness with the Kufa mini Trail Camera. Made from durable and water-resistant materials, this camera will last all day and night.

Vital Specs of the Kufa Mini

Detection Range:  65 feet
Trigger Speed:  0.2 seconds
Photos: 20MP
Video: FULL HD 1080P
Flash:  22pcs non glow IR LEDs
Waterproof: IP65 WATERPROOF
Onboard Recording:  32GB SD card
Power: 4 AA batteries
Special features:

  • The Kufa Mini is smaller than the palm of your hand, so it’s easy to conceal.
  • The camera is fully optimized for performance so it needs just 4 batteries to reach the performance of the old product (which takes 8 batteries)
  • Supports solar panels for hunting cameras (not included).

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