How Effective is the Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera?

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What could the best camera for wildlife photography be as there are plenty of options on the market? Camera technology is amazing and the Raspberry PI Wildlife camera is a remarkable gadget, a camera accessory to monitor the wildlife on your property or when you’re looking to capture magnificent shots on the African savannahs.

You just have to bear in mind that with this camera or image sensor, there are no lenses included. However, a camera module offers many features that can be used for certain applications.

Your Raspberry Pi High-Quality camera package

You will receive:

  • A circuit board with a Sony sensor
  • Aluminum lens mount with integrated tripod mount
  • Focus adjustment ring
  • FPC cable
  • C- to CS-mount adapter.

The camera, a new module all about image quality with its 12-MP sensor, is larger.

Without any of the required lenses, it is quite pricey, but the added resolution and flexibility make it a great choice for photography.

If you’re really serious about using a Pi to capture seriously good wildlife images, the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is your best bet.

This camera has been upgraded to a higher standard and is now a 12-megapixel camera as opposed to 8 megapixels. The focus aluminium lens mount is also adjustable.

When you compare it to the current Camera Module v2 it comes with improved low-light performance.

Customer reviews say the camera is ideal for projects where you want to see great detail, and of course, which wildlife photographer doesn’t?

True, it doesn’t come cheap, but people who know it say that it’s the ability to mount the camera to a tripod that makes the price so worth it.

That, together with the higher-quality sensor and lens flexibility confirm that the price is worth it.

Check the price of the Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera at Amazon

The ability to change lenses and tripod-mounting

The Raspberry Pi comes with heightened picture quality with a 12-MP sensor and comes with the ability to change lenses and tripod-mounting.

With its 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477R sensor, the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera comes with more pixels than previous models and it is also larger than previous models as well.

Raspberry Pi

The camera measures 3.74 x 1.65 x 1.46 inches.The reason for its larger size is due to the C mount which is interchangeable, allowing for compatible lenses.

C5 lenses can also be used because of the included adapter. This is quite likely what makes this camera stand out. Two new lenses have also been added – the 6mm wide-angle lens and the 16mm telephoto lens.

Other features include –

  • Suitable for macro shooting
  • The aperture adjustment ring regulates light gathering.
  • The stock cable is 12 inches long.
  • Raspberry Pi provides a camera guide that is downloadable from their website. The free PDF download provides information on setting up the camera and also lists commands you can use to take pictures.
Raspberry Pi Camera
  • The High Quality Camera is compatible with just about all Raspberry Pi models.
  • Capture high-resolution images with various lenses. Can be used for professional shooting such as building a wildlife camera.
  • The Raspberry Pi HQ camera’s maximum resolution is 4056 x 3040 pixels (5K). Images are saved mainly as JPG, but you can also choose the like of GIF, BMP, or RAW.

After hooking the camera up, you’ll want to try it out by means of the command line. The main commands are –

  • Raspivid
  • Raspistill
  • Time-lapse

Raspistill is the most basic application, allowing you to take a single photo.

The Perfect Wildlife Shots with Raspberry Pi

Many projects can be made extraordinary with the High Quality Camera module, and with improved low-light performance and different lenses you are guaranteed to get the perfect shot.

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