What’s a Great Trail Camera for a Bird Feeder?

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The GardePro A3 Trail Camera 20MP is an excellent choice of a trail camera for a bird feeder because it’s a no glow camera – the camera’s most sought-after feature. No glow technology means the camera will not have a visible flash when taking stills or videos so the birds won’t get a fright when the camera is triggered. It comes with thirty-six 940nm infrared LEDs with a 100-foot range.

While there aren’t many bird species that will visit a feeder at night, if you’re lucky enough to live in a rural area with more habitat diversity, you’re going to have other wild creatures visiting at night. That is, those who are known to visit bird feeders. The A3 is a no glow camera so it uses no-glow night vision to get shots without frightening wildlife away.

Some of these creatures are excellent climbers and your suspended feeder will pose no problem for them.  The GardePro A3 comes with a number of features you’d expect from a high-end trail camera, and we take a look:

GardePro A3 Trail Camera 20MP Features

Trail Camera for a Birdfeeder
  • The camera comes with Sony’s ultra-clear imaging technology and Sony’s Starvis sensor. The result is the ability to capture clear images in lowlight conditions. Starvis is back-illuminated pixel technology found in CMOS image sensors.
  • The camera captures 20MP images with video at 1080p resolution.
  • The A3 also has a photo/video mode to capture a picture before recording a video when the motion sensor is triggered. The camera comes with 3 motion sensors with the PIR sensor in the middle having a detection angle of 60°. Sensors on the left and right have 30° detection angles. The sensors have an 82-foot detection range.
  • The GardePro A3 comes with an excellent quick trigger speed of 0.1 seconds which means there is precious little activity around the bird feeder that this trail camera won’t pick up.
  • The camera’s dimensions are 4.4 x 3 x 6.1”.

More Features of This Great Trail Camera for a Bird Feeder

  • The GardePro trail camera has a 2.31 “ color LCD screen and you can preview your pictures and videos.
  • The camera supports SDXC memory cards with a 128GB capacity. When you consider that most trail cameras only have a storage capacity of 32GB, this is quite impressive from the A3. You can leave the camera unattended for long periods of time.
  • With its loop recording feature, old files are overwritten by newer ones. Then you have more space on your memory card.
  • The A3 is powered by 8AA lithium batteries.
  • The camera comes with an input for an external power supply. Compatible external power supply units must be 12V and 1A.
  • Photos and videos are stamped with date, time, temperature, moon phase, and the camera’s name.
  • What you get in the A3 box is a mini USB cord, mountain strap, and instruction manual.

It can be therapeutic, fun, and educational setting up a trail camera near your bird feeder for bird watching – and making a list of all the birds that visit.

Choose a waterproof bird feeder trail camera that is capable of capturing high-quality stills, video, and sound and that also gives you super clear night vision to discover what other garden creatures are visiting your feeder at night.

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