Which Trail Camera Sends Photos to a Phone?

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Trail cameras become necessary items to have for any hunter as the camera surveys the land day and night, keeping track of animals or humans who stray into the area. A trail camera that sends pictures to phone is the ultimate solution here.

Ardent hunters have been frustrated by always having to retrieve photos and videos from these cameras, leaving their scent to deter animals. Now, with a trail camera that sends pictures to phone, things have changed for the better.

With improvements in technology in wireless communications, you can view these same images on your phone without physically accessing the trail camera. (Read this excellent article from Spypoint – who supplied the image on this page – here). The next thing is deciding what is the best trail camera that sends pictures to phone handsets.

Our Pick – Best Trail Camera That Sends Pictures to Phone

GlassRaven 4G Cellular Trail Camera

You can’t beat this trail camera with its many features and its Lifetime Warranty.

The package you get with the CreativeXP Wireless includes a 32 Gb SD card, strap, and tree mount and sim card to receive videos and photos immediately to your phone or email.

Other features include the 0.35 seconds trigger, the 75-foot daytime motion range, the 110° PIR angle, and the ability to send 12MP photos and full HD 1080P videos. The trail camera is powered by 12 AA batteries or an external battery.
Moultrie XV7000i - 4G Cellular Trail Camera

The Moultrie brand stands for reliability and the 12MP Moultrie XV7000i,making use of the Verizon 4G network. An important aspect of this cellular trail camera is how well it connects to the data network.

The camera can be operated by means of the free Moultrie mobile app, which means you can change any settings in the camera remotely. It takes 12 AA batteries and has a 0.3-second trigger speed and an impressive detection range of 80 feet.

Although it is described as one of the best 4G cellular trail cams, the standard plan with the camera allows only for medium resolution pictures.

You’ll have to extend the data plan for the higher resolution pictures.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Full Review

Bushnell has a reputation as one of the best trail cam manufacturers.

The Trophy Cam HD is part of their wireless technology range and it will send pictures via the 2G network to your phone or mobile device via email or MMS. It is currently unable to send recorded video clips and it only sends thumbnail pictures.

With its hard plastic, dark olive green case, the weatherproof camera is also available in a camo design. The Trophy Cam consumes little battery power and takes 12 AA Lithium batteries, though it can run on fewer batteries.

The camera has a 12 volt DC input jack. The detection range is between 60 and 70 feet. The trail camera has 33 Black No Glow LEDs and the max picture size is 8 megapixels. There are two 2 video resolutions - 720p and 1080p.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology works by using short-range wireless communication between devices. You can transmit photos without data charges. However, for many hunters,wireless trail cameras that send photos to your phone via Bluetooth aren’t the best option because of the limited operating range.

Wifi technology: It is similar to Bluetooth. Wifi works as a local area network, with local network-enabled devices communicating and transferring data through radio signals. Most areas where you put a trail camera don’t have a wifi signal but sometimes wifi is present. This is a drawback – not having a wifi signal.

Cellular:Hunters will tell you that cellular trail cameras are the best wireless options. In fact, nearly 99% of wireless trail cameras make use of cellular technology, transmitting data over the cellular infrastructure of network carriers.

The big advantage is being able to control the device remotely. It can be wonderful benefiting from game photos sent from your wireless trail camera to your phone and not having to trek to the trail camera to check on it.

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