What makes Neewer game cameras special?

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Interest in wildlife and nature is on the rise. People want to experience the great freedom of nature, watch wildlife, hunt and generally take part in outdoor pursuits. A Neewer game camera will keep a record of the abundant fauna and flora in their area.

Fortunately top-class Neewer Game Cameras are affordable.  Neewer’s rugged, waterproof cameras take photos or videos of wildlife by making use of heat-sensing motion or infrared light sensors.

Neewer is an established brand

Neewer is a multinational team passionate about providing cost-effective game cameras.

The 16MP Neewer Trail Game Camera is sturdily built. It measures 5.31 x 3.86 x 2.99inches and is easy enough for first-timers to use.

This waterproof hunting scouting camera from Neewer will require 8 AA lithium batteries.

Top features of the Neewer game camera

  • The Neewer game camera is robust enough to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. Being an IP66 waterproof camera means that you can go into tropical jungles or into the desert as the camera resists dust and moisture.
  • 1080P HD Digital. You can capture high-resolution images up to 16MP and 1080P HD video together with clear audio. You can be sure that with this extraordinary game camera from Neewer, you will be sure to capture high-quality images. 1080p is always high definition.
  • The whole idea of a game camera is to take images of wildlife so you want good quality pics. It may seem like the best thing to go for a game camera with the highest megapixel count, but a moderate 16-megapixel rating is more than enough.

More great features

  • Any video resolution with 720p or 1080p such as what the Neewer game camera has is considered HD and is a great choice for anyone wanting to see the finer details of wildlife.
  • Its 120° wide angle detecting range ensures a broader view with more opportunities for capturing game images.
  • Comes equipped with 3 passive infrared sensors. Its 42 infrared LEDs steer clear of a bright flash that could spook animals away.
  • It comes with strong ties for attaching to any tree or pole.
Neewer Night Image
  • The camera comes with a fast trigger speed of 0.3s and it has 3 passive infrared sensors so that every spellbinding image is captured as it happens.
  • Battery cover. It has a finger loop so you can quickly access the batteries. This is a welcome relief from those game cameras where you have to use a sharp instrument to open the cover. Will allow for up to 64Gb memory card which is notable seeing that most other cameras only accept up to 32Gb.
  • The SD card and batteries aren’t included with this camera. The memory card must be formatted before use.

What’s in the Neewer game camera 16MP box?

  • the hunting camera
  • a belt for attaching to a pole or tree
  • a tree mount
  • a USB cable
  • screws
  • user manual.

Doubles as wildlife and security camera

With the right trail game camera, you’ll be able to capture excellent images of your property, whether that includes keeping an eye on wildlife or even trespassers.

This Neewer game camera just seems right for all your needs.

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